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          Private Tutoring

          We provide one-on-one tutoring in a quiet and comfortable environment, allowing students grades to progress at their own pace with maximal attention given by a qualified instructor, ensuring improvement in the subject area as well as overall confidence.

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          Personalized Tutoring

          Individualized learning for students in grades K-8 seeking enhancement or remediation in Math and ELA

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          Homework Help

          Our Homework Booster program is offered to help students K-12 with their daily homework assignments, and is available Monday through Saturday in the following subjects: Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies.

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          Essay Writing Help

          Writing is a skill that takes years to perfect, so let our tutors guide you through your toughest school assignments, papers, and personal statements. Whether it is a deadline you need to meet, ideas you need to put together, or just a quick proofread, our “Essay Drop-Off” service is just what you need!

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          Here at Tip-Top Brain, we believe that every student has the natural ability to learn if given the opportunity to receive a quality education. With a safe, supportive, and positive classroom environment and upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate instructors to guide students throughout their educational journeys, we believe that all students can discover and unlock their fullest potential.

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          Contact Us

          We're very friendly and responsive!. Visit our contact us page to fill out a contact form, get directions, or even find answers to questions students or parents like have asked us!

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          Meet Our Tutors

          Where should we start? There is so much we could say about our talented tutors. Read all about their unique personalities and academic backgrounds here!

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          Our Blog

          There's so much to learn these days, don't you agree? Check out our blog here!

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          Love Teaching?

          Tip-Top Brain is growing and looking for talented individuals to help us on our mission to help students discover and unlock their fullest potentials.


A Visit To Tip-Top Brain

Tip-Top Brain offers a variety of academic programs, year-round, for students in Kindergarten through High School in both private and group settings. See how a visit to Tip-Top Brain can make all the difference for you and your child from the moment you are greeted by our passionate educators who will help you find the most appropriate program for your child’s individual needs.

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Fun, educational and creative learning is at the heart of Tip-Top Brain. Guardians from all walks of life are prioritizing tutoring to give their kids the academic edge that will set them up for success moving forward. Tip-Top Brain’s tutoring center utilizes innovative assessments, procedures and a nurturing team to give both students and parents the best experience. When parents choose Tip-Top Brain, they are immediately engaged by a program coordinator who will explain the beneficial assessment process.

The honest concern and passion of our staff is fundamental to our success, powering coordinators to dive deep into all aspects of a student’s performance in order to better understand their tutoring needs. Children enrolled in a specialized program receive a binder full of regularly checked assignments tailored to their academic advancement, monitored progress reports and an ever-growing portfolio of their completed work for reference. They also participate in a behavior-driven rewards system, administered through stamps and positive reinforcement.

Our programs range according to the season they launch, age-group, subject  and learning speed. Group tutoring is available in the math, reading and writing subjects, as well as for homework help for students in grades (3-8). The generous student to teacher ratio allows instructors enough time and focus to tend to the specialized learning plans or homework assignments of all the students in each session. For students beyond this grade range seeking enhancement, remediation, or homework help, Tip-Top Brain offers a private tutoring option. Students in grades (K-2) and those in high school will receive uninterrupted and concentrated support. Private tutoring programs provide customized, focused and more intensive guidance through test prep, homework completion, and/or subject-specific material.

Our private tutoring option works especially well for students in high school looking for intensive test preparation help. Our instructors offer one-on-one test prep support in various standardized tests including but not limited to the State Test, Regents, TACHS, SHSAT, and SAT. To build confidence, test-taking skills and optimal test day readiness, we focus on skills such as comprehension and thorough completion.

Moreover, Tip-Top Brain offers exciting, creative and educational seasonal camps. Some of our past summer and fall STEAM camps have included components such as virtual reality and hands-on engineering projects. Our science enrichment programs provide students a unique opportunity to dive into a rich scientific learning environment, all while continuing to reinforce grade-appropriate ELA and Math skills.

When parents walk into our Tip-Top Brain location, they are greeted with a staff of educators passionate about teaching and devoted to educating each student enrolled in one of our programs. There are always student-focused instructors tending to even the smallest classrooms, alert coordinators present for any questions and concerns, and a caring mindset behind all of the decisions we make. According to the financial and scheduling needs of parents as well as the academic needs of students, we offer the best quality tutoring sessions for the most affordable cost. In order to find a program that best suits your needs and that of your child, please schedule a consultation with one of our awesome coordinators.

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