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How to Choose Books for Kids: 4 Best Practices

Books for kids wrapped in decorative paper and bow.
The holiday season is just around the corner and finding gifts for kids can be stressful. Did they already get this? Are they too young for that? The solution: gifting the right book. Before you head to your local bookstore or our Tip-Top Brain’s Holiday Book Fair, check out our guidance on choosing the perfect book for the child in your life.

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As parents, it is important to introduce books and reading to our children at an early age. We must however consider which books are appropriate and engaging. The goal here is to choose books for kids that are just right, as this will set the attitude towards reading in your home! Check out these 4 foolproof tips on how to choose books for kids:

1. Select Books That Are Relatable

When choosing books for kids, consider whether they are relatable. Choose books for kids that allow them to explore, make predictions, and make text-to-self connections. Strive to find books that relate directly to your child’s interests. Your child may find great interest in books about animals, space, familial relationships, fantasy, comics, etc. By choosing books for children that are relatable, kids are more likely to pick up the book and engage in pleasure reading!

2. Select a Book That Teaches a Lesson

Be on the lookout for books that teach deep and meaningful lessons. Many children enjoy books that they can relate to! Therefore, children will pick up on these lessons, put themselves in the characters’ shoes, and make connections to the story. Your child may apply the lessons they have learned from reading. For example, a child may say “We have to share, Elmo says it’s kind to share” or “Look! A caterpillar is going to turn into a butterfly just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” You will be amazed by how touching books for kids can be, especially younger readers.

3. Find Books with Engaging Illustrations

Most young children rely heavily on illustrations to make meaning of the story because books with strong illustrations will engage the child and encourage them to keep on reading. As the child flips through the book, they will be met with beautiful and captivating illustrations. This allows children to make positive connections with reading! Encourage your child to point to the illustrations, make observations, and discuss what is happening in the picture. Illustrations can transform books and bring them to life!

4. Look for Fun Read Aloud Books

Read-aloud books for children are amazing, as they are often engaging, beautifully illustrated, and fun! At home, parents can use read-aloud books to incorporate daily story time. Read-aloud books provide perfect opportunities to discuss the illustrations, events, and characters. To promote engagement, try reading the book with enthusiasm and excitement. You can emphasize phrases and change your voice to match the character being described. To extend the fun, you can prompt your child to repeat phrases of the book and change their voice to match the character. You can never go wrong if you choose read-aloud books for kids!

Amazing Read Aloud Books for Kids (K-2)

With so many books to choose from, we understand that it can be overwhelming! Remember to choose books for kids that are relatable, include lessons, have engaging illustrations, and can be read aloud. Be sure to check out Tip-Top Brain’s annual book fair on December 18th, a great way to inspire your emerging readers! Plus, the Tip-Top Brain staff is always here to help!

As educators, we can find the perfect book or series for any genre, age, and reading level! We can also create unique book bundles according to your child’s interests. You can also pre-order any of the suggested books above! So come on down and join us for some winter fun, a FREE read-aloud, a variety of books, fun STEM games, and the perfect stocking stuffers! For a sneak peek check out Tip-Top Brain’s Instagram and TikTok pages. We can’t wait to see you and the books you choose!

Books for kids wrapped in decorative paper and bow.

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