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Dr. Philip Composto Suddenly Ousted

Anyone and everyone with kids in D30, or even just a friend in D30, has heard about the dismissal of the current superintendent Philip Composto. Though this would be news under any circumstance, the ousting of Composto drew a lot of criticism from Composto critics and fans alike. It was suddenly announced Composto would no longer be superintendent after June 30th, with no explanation as to why. Not only was the news of his departure haphazardly announced, paying little (if any) respect to D30 parents and kids, but the ousting left more questions than answers.

D30 Superintendent Candidates at a Glance

d7superintendent 2

Candidate: Rafael Alvarez
Current Role: D7 Superintendent
Years in NYC DOE: 2000-Present

cintronuniform edited edited copy

Candidate: David Cintron
Current Role: Principal of PS214
Years in NYC DOE: 2008-Present

D30 2 1

Candidate: Dr. Philip Composto
Current Role:
D30 Superintendent
Years in NYC DOE: ~1982-Present
Career Achievements: “In January 2000, he was appointed by Chancellor Levy as a member of the Distinguished Faculty of the Center of Recruitment and Professional Development Leadership Program whereby he mentored new principals. In addition, he is the recipient of many Outstanding Educator and Effective Leadership Awards.” -New York Academy of Public Education

Screen Shot 2022 05 25 at 12.20.56 PM 1

Candidate: Dr. Erika Tobia
Current Role: Bronx Executive Superintendent
Years in NYC DOE: ~1992-Present
Career Achievements: “As superintendent of District 8, she developed district wide standards and expectations for curricula and social-emotional learning… District 8 made gains that outpaced the citywide average increases in both ELA and math proficiency, as well as graduation rates.” –The Bronx Times; 2021

Why Your Superintendent Matters

Well, the D30 superintendent is the head of the district, with all other district administrators, teachers, and employees answering to them. The responsibilities of a superintendent are massive in range, as at the end of the day, they’re responsible for all that happens within the district.

The D30 superintendent will be responsible for carrying out the NYC DOE’s agenda, through day-to-day decisions as well as more short-term and high-impact programming. Perhaps most importantly, the superintendent hires and manages the principals and district administrators that make our schools what they are (or what they’re not.).

The D30 superintendent will need to address the demands of all their constituents and groups within the district: teachers, students, parents, staff, advocates, and the community at large. The D30 superintendent will need to effectively use the district’s budget and personnel in order to meet the community’s needs.

We here at Tip-Top Brain are most interested in parents feeling informed and empowered to make the best decisions for their children. We hope this blog post serves as a resource to interested D30 parents and students.

For any comments, questions, or suggestions, email info@tiptopbrain.com.

D30 Superintendent Candidates

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