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Tip-Top Brain’s Guide To Choosing A Private Tutor

Fancy facilities and expensive one on one tutoring do not ensure the stability or support informed by proper tutors. Individuals that are educated may not have the patience to deal with a struggling student. Although an individual is kind, they may not have the focus or confidence to adequately teach. Balance is fundamental when hiring a tutor for your child.

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Tip-Top Brain carefully selects instructors based on a multitude of factors such as education, experience, goals, character and temperament. The team currently working as tutors in both private and group settings are equipped to overdeliver and thrive as educational leaders. Strong communication on part of instructors in our center and beyond allow parents, coordinators and their teachers to utilize sessions to meet common core standards.

Tutors are selected to enforce, encourage and inform proper learning strategies. As crucial parts of a student’s educational journey, they should be selected with great care. Tip-Top Brain program coordinators make sure to screen candidates for traits like creativity, strong organizational skills and the ability to motivate others. This process ensures that the instructors working with children enrolled in our programs, will facilitate both intellectual and social development. Let’s look further into the Personality and Credibility Criteria we use and how you can use it to find the perfect tutor for your child.

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Finding a private tutor available to routinely stop by your house for an hour or so each week is somewhat challenging, yet important if you want to see results. Although many online platforms provide what seems like an unlimited amount of available tutors, the likelihood of finding someone open to your schedule is low. Having a tutor with set availability gives students structure, regular exposure to the curriculum and much-needed stability.

In the case of online tutoring, being able to book a tutor’s time remotely from the comfort of your own home is fascinating but, there are some limitations to these long-distance methods. In the case of younger students who use computers and tablets for fun and games, maintaining a strict academic train of thought may be a challenge. Without close supervision, it can be very easy for a child to lose focus if a tablet or computer is in front of them knowing they have access to games.

A person’s personality is hard to map out immediately. Not one nor even four rounds of interviewing and briefing may be enough to gather important information. Some tutors tend to prioritize their own schedule before leaving space for tutoring since they view it as a part-time gig or a chance to make pocket money. Others may fail to demonstrate a true interest in the lessons, progress of students and a professional demeanor.  A lack of integrity and passion for education one has may only become apparent after they’ve been hired and deliver poorly. Hiring someone who is dishonest about their practices can jeopardize a child’s performance and waste important time.

Another concern for parents who just hired a new tutor for their child may find it hard to leave them alone. If a parent cannot trust the child in the hands of their tutor, it makes it hard for them to use tutoring hours to complete chores inside or outside of the house, complete work-related tasks or use the time for other necessary tasks. It takes time to adjust and feel comfortable with a brand new tutor, after all, you have a stranger in the house.

An important part of working with children, concerned parents and a strict common core curriculum is communication. Tutors must manage the lines of communication with parents openly, respectfully and honestly to ensure that challenges children face during sessions are solved. To keep parents informed, instructors must demonstrate an intuitive and organized process as they get familiar with student’s assignments and progress over time. They should also be open to suggestions and flexibility that would further accommodate and benefit a student’s academic needs.

Individuals that are chosen to tutor your child are going to spend precious time engaging, advising and leaving an impression on them as well. This interaction means they will serve as a role model, point of behavioral reference and mentor. So, how do you know that they are a good candidate? Tip-Top Brain chooses instructors with diverse and extensive experience with teaching and learning styles Our tutors have experience with education that makes them efficient, creative and well-rounded educators. Without Tip-Top Brain’s screening process, it would be hard to know if your child’s tutor is experienced, communicative, dependable and sincere.


Credibility means more than selecting someone as a tutor just because they have a degree. Tip-Top Brain instructors are all hand-selected from various academic backgrounds, with degrees in their chosen fields. In order to confirm their capabilities in a classroom setting, they’re put through a series of mock lessons. Instructors plan and teach a custom designed lesson plan to coordinators, which demonstrates their understanding of their field concepts and competence. Finally, they must pass a placement test for the subject they hope to instruct in. All of the previously mentioned points of screening ensure that tutors are educated in subject materials, concepts, and application in a classroom setting.


Before an instructor is allowed to teach students at Tip-Top Brain, they are thoroughly vetted. Even if an individual demonstrated excellent performance in the previously mentioned criteria, past work experiences are still important to the Tip-Top Brain coordinators. The reference check allows us to learn more from the candidate’s prior coworkers and management. This step is useful because it further helps us gauge their success, professionalism, and honesty. We like to confirm that instructors on our team have professional references that vouch and confirm anything claimed during the interview process or on their resumes.

The optimal teachers have mastery of their field but also possess an arsenal of other knowledge. Propelled by their genuine passion for education and learning, Tip-Top Brain instructors have plenty of useful proven experience as teachers and teacher’s assistants. These kinds of immersive work are fundamental in highlighting those candidates that can truly instill knowledge in students they work with. It also ensures that the chosen candidates can accurately manage progress records, classroom procedures and uphold common core standards.

There is no part of this selection process that we prioritize over the others, giving our best to meet every standard we set with each new addition to our team. Although we are sharing this with all of the concerned guardians looking to hire a tutor, we understand this process is difficult to complete independently. Tip-Top Brain does all of this hard work because we take our responsibility seriously. We know trust is integral when working with families and youth.

Aside from a special team of tutors, the nurturing atmosphere in which they work induces partnership. Parents who come into Tip-Top Brain become part of our community, receiving close monitoring of student progress and developing goals. This entire structure alleviates the stress of searching for and vetting a tutor on your own. If you’re interested in learning more about our staff or our programs, call us to set up your free consultation with a leading program coordinator.

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