What are the must-knows of student behavior? Our child may not always be able to, nor want to, articulate what they’re thinking or feeling, but they’re probably telling us with their behavior.

Dad laughing and smiling with kids to create a loving environment for his kids.

2 Best Practices to Create a Loving Environment for Kids 

As a parent, creating a loving environment for our kids is more challenging than it has made out to be. Of course, we all do our absolute best, but even the most amazing parents have room for improvement. Here are two subtle, but hugely effective ways you can ensure your supporting a loving and nourishing environment at home:

Therapist using sculpting activity working to support kids with autism.

3 Ways to Best Support Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder  

We all know someone on the autism spectrum, but how well do you understand the many facets of autism spectrum disorder itself? Check out our latest blog post on ASD, which includes some small changes you can make to support kids with autism spectrum disorder.

Mom doing popcorn activity to encourage mindfulness for kids.n

Mindfulness for Kids: 3 Awesome Activities

Ever tried some mindfulness exercises? You likely have! So often, they’re recommended by health care professionals to reduce our stress while improving our sleep, focus, and lots of other good stuff! Well, mindfulness for kids brings the same slew of benefits it brings adults, so why not show them some exercises? We’ve put together three awesome activities to get the mindfulness-party started:

Child is stressed and holding a sign that reads "help."

How to Help When Your Child is Stressed: 2 Effective Coping Strategies

Stress is a universally-experienced response our body has to tough circumstances, whether they be mental, physical, or emotional. Kids, like the rest of us, experience stress too! When a child is stressed, they’ll likely display it differently than adults would. Here’s what to look for, and some easy ways you can help:

Cooking Activities for Kids: 4 Amazing Developmental Benefits

Cooking with kids is the hallmark of special occasions: holiday dinners, birthdays, and family parties. The process makes for cute memories and even cuter pictures. However, the benefits kids experience cooking are far greater and long-lasting. Here’s why it may be high time to order a youth-size apron for your new assistant chef.

7 Tips and Tricks to Encourage Children to Read for Pleasure

In the eyes of many kids, the words “reading” and “fun” don’t belong in the same sentence. This unfortunate reality has posed an uphill battle for parents and educators alike. However, there is hope for your young soon-to-be reader! Check out 6 of our best tips for encouraging your child to make reading for pleasure their new normal.

girls playing with medical equipment

The 10 Types of Play and Their Amazing Benefits

Kids love nothing more than playtime. But there’s more to play than meets the eye. In fact, there are 10 different types of play our children engage in! Each of which brings its own host of benefits and exercises a different skillset.

study during holidays

How To Study During Holidays in 3 Easy Steps

Virtual school was hard for students of all ages. Studies have found nearly all students in elementary and middle school are behind in math and ELA. Winter break is a chance to let loose and have fun and catch up in school. Trying to figure out how to manage both? We’ve got you covered.

Passive Vs. Active Technology In Childhood Development

Our children love their tech devices. However, not all screens are created equal. While there are many unhealthy, brain-draining ways for kids to use their laptops and phones, there are just as many healthy, learning conducive ways to use them! Here’s our piece on how to healthily balance tech in your child’s routine.

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