Virtual Learning

“Virtual learning” is a phrase all too familiar to most of us now. Virtual learning is shrouded in horror stories and mythology, but what’s the truth? Can virtual learning be effective? And what role do students, parents, and teachers play in it?

“My Child is Behind in School,” What to Do & Where to Start

Each class your child attends are sort of like steps on a ladder. As parents and educators, we work with our kids to help them add new rungs to their ladder, and teach them to climb up and down. However, during the pandemic, many students’ ladders lost a few rungs leaving them damaged and wobbly. No less, climbing up and down a ladder with missing rungs is a recipe for disaster. What academic rungs are missing from your child’s ladder? Knowing the answer could be make or break.

On Left: Student does virtual learning On Right: Teacher facilitates in-person learning

In-Person or Online Math Tutoring: Which is Truly Better?

With the start of the new year, private math tutors are being booked-up at lightning speed by parents across NYC. But should your child’s private math tutor be meeting with them in-person or online? Before you make up your mind, check out the (surprising) pros and cons of each

3 Clear Signs Your Child Is Struggling With Online Learning

Kids nationwide have had a record-breaking number of set-backs this past school year, from a sudden and messy transition online to lonely and overwhelming virtual school days. Although students seem to have adjusted, many are struggling to just tread water while learning online. How could you recognize if your child is struggling? And what could you do to help ease the woes of online learning and make it more sustainable and comfortable?

Young student suffering from the "COVID slide" crying.

The “COVID Slide,” A Learning Loss Epidemic

For better or worse, school has changed— a lot. Many students report having experienced a disruption to their education as a result of the pandemic. For some students, that disruption came as schools initially closing last year, for others, it was the struggle of keeping up online. There’s no shortage of reasons why students may have struggled this past year, but if the effects continue to linger you may have a case of the “COVID Slide” on your hands. So, how can we diagnose the COVID Slide? More importantly, how do we treat it?

learning pods with students

The Truth About Learning Pods: What are they? Are they Worth it?

Learning pods have become the talk of parents across the country. But, what, exactly, is a pod? And should your child join one? The decision, not unlike the choice between hybrid or remote learning at school, is highly personal. Consequently, it pays to weigh the pros and cons of learning pods before opting-in or out of one. Here’s a short list of things you’ll want to consider.

Student doesn't chose between "tablets vs laptops," he uses both.

Tablets vs Laptops: Which is Best For Online Learning?

Preparing for the school year has forced us to answer questions we maybe weren’t expecting. Specifically: Should my child be using a tablet or laptop for online school? The answer is contingent on a few factors, but age may be the most important. Here are some pros and cons of either device you might want to consider before buying your child anything.

The Pros & Cons of Different Virtual Learning Environments

Not sure which virtual learning model would best serve your child? The choice can certainly be challenging, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Read on for the most common arguments for and against the three most common virtual learning environment formats.

Where Does Virtual Learning Go Wrong?

What problems are you most likely to see in your students virtual learning experience? Believe it or not, they’re likely avoidable, and not inherent features of virtual classrooms.

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