ELA (Reading & Writing)

ELA constitutes a large part of NYS curriculum and learning standards. ELA also brings its own set of challenges, as well as strategies for performing at your A-game.

Mother and father use interactive read aloud book to entertain kids

3 Tips for A Great Time with Read Aloud Books  

Read aloud books are the absolute best, it’s almost like sharing a movie with your kids, but it improves their reading skills too! Ready to get your own read-aloud started? Here’s some pro-tips on how to facilitate a read-aloud expertly:

7 Tips and Tricks to Encourage Children to Read for Pleasure

In the eyes of many kids, the words “reading” and “fun” don’t belong in the same sentence. This unfortunate reality has posed an uphill battle for parents and educators alike. However, there is hope for your young soon-to-be reader! Check out 6 of our best tips for encouraging your child to make reading for pleasure their new normal.

Books for kids wrapped in decorative paper and bow.

How to Choose Books for Kids: 4 Best Practices

The holiday season is just around the corner and finding gifts for kids can be stressful. Did they already get this? Are they too young for that? The solution: gifting the right book. Before you head to your local bookstore or our Tip-Top Brain’s Holiday Book Fair, check out our guidance on choosing the perfect book for the child in your life.

Teacher demonstrates the need to read critically and recognize misinformation for student online.

The #1 Best Way to Recognize Misinformation is to Read Critically

“You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”  We’ve all heard it before, but it’s easier said than done.  Our youngest have arguably the best internet savvy, but how do we equip them with the tools to keep up with the world-happenings while evaluating what they read critically?

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