Elementary School

Elementary school-aged kids are amidst their most formative years, hitting developmental milestones like clockwork. Each new teacher, grade, and test, teach us more about our young learner, but what else might we learn?

The Bill Set to Shrink NYC Class Sizes

Those of us who grew up in NYC are no stranger to big classes. However, many of us thought by the time our kids went to school, this clear issue would be addressed. Though no silver-bullet, NYS law-makers have finally heard the voices of educators and parents dissatisfied with the current school regulations, and small classes are coming.

NYC Class Sizes 101: The Great Debate

We’ve all heard small classes are better for student’s learning. But how small? And how much better? More importantly, where does your child’s class sit in the range of NYC class sizes. And how does the average NYC classroom compare?

Mother and father use interactive read aloud book to entertain kids

3 Tips for A Great Time with Read Aloud Books  

Read aloud books are the absolute best, it’s almost like sharing a movie with your kids, but it improves their reading skills too! Ready to get your own read-aloud started? Here’s some pro-tips on how to facilitate a read-aloud expertly:

Fine Motor Skills: Their Critical Importance & 10 At-Home Exercises

Ever notice at some age a child’s drawings go from being messy scribbles to somewhat legible pictures? This change is due, at least in part, to the development of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills allow us to coordinate action between our hands and eyes, sounds pretty important right? We’ve put together some fun and engaging activities to work those fine motor skills out:

Students Are Behind Because of COVID, In 2 Terrible Ways

The pandemic hit teens and tweens especially hard. The return to school has proved just as difficult. All of the classic strife of teen years: pressures from school, family, and friends, have kids feeling overwhelmed. Why are our teens and tweens struggling to readjust? More importantly, how do we move forward?

study during holidays

How To Study During Holidays in 3 Easy Steps

Virtual school was hard for students of all ages. Studies have found nearly all students in elementary and middle school are behind in math and ELA. Winter break is a chance to let loose and have fun and catch up in school. Trying to figure out how to manage both? We’ve got you covered.

nyc schools closed covid

What To Do if NYC Schools Close Again: An Easy 3-Step Guide

Are NYC Schools closing? It may be too soon to tell, but preparing for a return to online learning is an investment in your child sure to pay back dividends. Round one of online learning for most parents and children was chaotic, messy, and lackluster. This time around, let’s ace online school. We’ve put together a simple 3-step plan detailing what to do if school goes online again.

Books for kids wrapped in decorative paper and bow.

How to Choose Books for Kids: 4 Best Practices

The holiday season is just around the corner and finding gifts for kids can be stressful. Did they already get this? Are they too young for that? The solution: gifting the right book. Before you head to your local bookstore or our Tip-Top Brain’s Holiday Book Fair, check out our guidance on choosing the perfect book for the child in your life.

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