High School

High School, the final frontier. High school is the big league, and with college around the corner, big questions can begin to pop up. What should students expect? What might they need to know?

Students reading in class within Korean school system.

What Can We Learn from Excellent School Systems Abroad? (PART 1)

American schooling has proven itself for the past 50 years. However, in a lot of ways, education has changed very little. What bold new innovations could we take on? Our inspiration(s) will likely lie abroad. This week, we’ll check out Canada and South Korea.

Student enjoying her summer reading for high school come Fall.

Reading for High Schoolers 101: Free Your Inner Bookworm!

So often we remember the fads and phases we fell into during High School. Less often, do we think about the hobbies and passions we had before then. For so many high school students, recreational reading sounds like pure fiction. So how we do reignite the passion our teens have for reading?

Student recalling study tips while reviewing notes

How to Study For Your Next Test: 10 Must-Know Tips

We often ask our young learners to study, but have we ever taught them how to? Students aren’t ever formally taught how to study. Consequently, students tend to struggle to find effective ways to review for exams and quizzes or use study time. Here are ten things you and your child may want to consider for making the most time spent studying.

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