Special Education

School demands a lot of students and parents alike. Students with learning disabilities can face an especially steep climb on their educational journey. What should parents with children who require special education know?

Therapist using sculpting activity working to support kids with autism.

3 Ways to Best Support Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder  

We all know someone on the autism spectrum, but how well do you understand the many facets of autism spectrum disorder itself? Check out our latest blog post on ASD, which includes some small changes you can make to support kids with autism spectrum disorder.

What is An IEP? IEP Meaning & Other Burning Questions Answered:

So, you’ve heard of an IEP, or maybe one’s been suggested for your child, but what does it actually entail? Frankly, IEPs are made up of a lot of moving parts, so it can be hard to figure out the first time you find yourself considering one. To ease any confusion, we’ve put together this guide on IEPs that covers the benefits, the application process, and how we can help.

Signs of ADHD look vary in different students, like this male who isn't visibly struggling.

6 Clear Signs of ADHD in Kids

Have you ever wondered if your child’s challenges in school are due to undiagnosed ADHD? You’re not alone, but it’s important to know what to look for. Check out 6 common behaviors amongst school-aged children with ADHD.

My Child Has ADHD, How Can I Help?

“My child has ADHD, how do I help?” Luckily, there are many options available to parents helping their child cope with ADHD. Before pursuing a plan, make sure you take these 4 steps to support your child.

Teacher and student working closely, thanks to the students individualized education plan (IEP).

IEP 101: Individualized Education Plans & Their Tremendous Benefits

What have you heard about IEPs? Individualized education programs are known for providing certain students with additional classroom resources. Many parents wonder whether or no their student would benefit from an IEP, but here are the basics they should know.

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