Student Behavior

What are the must-knows of student behavior? Our child may not always be able to, nor want to, articulate what they’re thinking or feeling, but they’re probably telling us with their behavior.

Student enjoying her summer reading for high school come Fall.

The 3 Best Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure has fallen to the wayside and has been replaced by screentime by parents and children alike. Consequently, many of us have forgotten the rich benefits reading for pleasure brings. It is time to inspire your child to read for pleasure again, here are our 3 best reasons to get to work.

Teacher and students move along to kids music.

4 Big Benefits of Music in Childhood Education

Music has long been a part of early childhood education: nursery rhymes, choirs, those recorders kids to play. Of course, these skills are valuable in and of themselves, but music brings all sorts of benefits to young kids.

Mother using intentional language to support children at home

5 Phrases We Can Use to Support Children: The Awesome Power of Intentional Language

We all go into autopilot sometimes, and forget to think before we speak. Our words matter, and they especially matter in front of our kids. Whether or not we realize it, our words have the power to open and close doors in young minds. So, we must use every opportunity we’re afforded to uplift and support our children aloud. Check out our 5 short but impactful phrases to communicate your care:

Is YouTube For Kids?: The Pros and Cons of Kids on YouTube

Kids of all ages love YouTube. YouTube has become a stronghold in kids’ lives, whether it be for free school help, entertainment, or tutorial videos, but YouTube safety for kids is a complicated issue. The freedom for kids to video-surf on YouTube comes with stellar benefits, and likewise, some risk of harm. So, what kind of relationship would you like your child to have with the online video platform?

Can An Old Dog Teach Your Child New Tricks?

6 Astounding Benefits of Pets for Kids Emotional Development

Emotional intelligence is learned, not innate. As your child grows, they mature emotionally too, allowing them to have more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. Despite a language barrier, pets are remarkably good at helping children develop emotional intelligence. Check out 7 ways a pet can help your child develop emotionally.

Student gazing out classroom window while thinking critically.

Get Your Child Thinking Critically With 3 Powerful Tricks

Critical thinking skills are important in nearly every arena of life. In school, at work, or even at home, a strong ability to think critically makes one a better decision maker. However, critical thinking skills are developed over the course of a lifetime, so how do start instilling them in our child?

Mother praising daughter, a subtle means for reinforcement at home.

2 Simple But Useful Types of Reinforcement At Home

Reinforcement techniques for guiding students’ behavior have certainly lasted the test of time. Teachers have successfully used positive and negative reinforcement in their classrooms to shape behavior for decades. So, what do you need to know about using positive and negative reinforcement at home?

Parent struggling with time management on bus ride commute.

5 Time Management Tips & Best Practices

Time is fleeting, but especially for parents. Somehow, for so many of us, the day never seems long enough. So how can those with the most time-intensive life-style find more time? Check out these 5 strategies for families dealing with time-shortages.

Child sporting a large smile, a sure sign of positive thinking.

5 Great Reasons to Inspire Confidence and Positive Thinking in Your Child

We’ve each witnessed the power of positive thinking at some point or another. What role does positive thinking play in our child’s education? Developing healthy mental and emotional practices, and choosing positivity, are much more integral to student’s growth than you might think.

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