Testing & Test Prep

Love it or hate it, testing is likely a pillar of your child’s education. The experience of testing can vary greatly between students and plays to each’s strengths and weaknesses. Test preparation can play a critical role in achieving the results students are aiming for.

Group of high school students discuss 2021 SAT scores.

A Simple (But Useful) 2021 SAT Score Guide: High, Low, & So-So Scores

Your child’s 2021 SAT scores have arrived! But, is their SAT score good enough for their dream college? To get a better sense of your child’s SAT score compared to the other 1.5 million students, we’ve combed through the 2021 test-taker data for you. Check out how your child’s 2021 SAT score stacks up.

Student recalling study tips while reviewing notes

How to Study For Your Next Test: 10 Must-Know Tips

We often ask our young learners to study, but have we ever taught them how to? Students aren’t ever formally taught how to study. Consequently, students tend to struggle to find effective ways to review for exams and quizzes or use study time. Here are ten things you and your child may want to consider for making the most time spent studying.

Child is behind in school

Are Amazing NY State Exam Scores The #1 Key Ingredient in Middle School Admissions?

Regardless of if you’ve taken the 4th Grade NYS Math & ELA tests, you may be curious as to how much your score counts as far as middle school admissions go. For all of the hype, and the stress around the exams, how much will they impact if or where your child will be accepted to the middle schools they apply? The answer can vary quite a bit.

6 Math Tips For Kids That Result In Improved Scores And Response Time

How do we become better math students? The truth is, there are at least a million ways to hone your math abilities. Figuring out what study habits and plans work for you is a bit of trial and error. However, we’ve put together a list of the six most effective fool-proof ways to growing your math skills and increasing your test scores.

Private tutor guides student through her homework.

8 Benefits of Group and Private Tutoring

Tutoring is a centuries old practice. Why has private and group tutoring remained part of schooling systems for so long? The benefits tutoring offers are plentiful, and there’s value in tutoring for everybody—students thriving and struggling alike.

Student with nose in book studying to get a better test grade.

1 Week to a Better Test Grade

We’re always striving to improve our test scores, but what do we do when we’ve already hit the books the hardest we can? To some degree, test scores don’t just measure understanding, they also capture our sleep habits, breakfast, and time management skills. Chances are, there are a few quick fixes to your test prep rituals that’ll bring your grades up.

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