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How Tutoring Helps: Group Setting vs. Private Setting

Tutoring is a centuries old practice. Why has private and group tutoring remained part of schooling systems for so long? The benefits tutoring offers are plentiful, and there’s value in tutoring for everybody—students thriving and struggling alike.


How Attending A Learning Center Compares To In-Home Tutoring

Learning center or at home tutoring? Choosing between a learning center or at home tutoring for your student can be tricky. As it turns out, the differences between the two tutoring regiments can be quite large. So, how do you decide between an at-home tutor or a learning center? Read on to find out what are some things to take into consideration when making your decision.

About Tip-Top Brain

Virtual Learning – What’s different about Tip-Top Brain?

Remote learning has been a nightmare, to say the least, so why would it be any different with Tip-Top Brain? Read on to learn the 7 reasons why our virtual classroom experience sets us apart, keeps your child engaged while keeping you in the loop, and perhaps even changes your perspective on online learning!

Virtual Learning

The Pros & Cons of Different Virtual Learning Environments

Not sure which virtual learning model would best serve your child? The choice can certainly be challenging, as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Read on for the most common arguments for and against the three most common virtual learning environment formats.


Tip-Top Brain Talks Summer Brain Drain

Summer Brain Drain or Learning Slide…the all too familiar words. What is it? What causes it? And how can you help prevent it from consuming your child? The answers lie below.


Where Does Virtual Learning Go Wrong?

What problems are you most likely to see in your students virtual learning experience? Believe it or not, they’re likely avoidable, and not inherent features of virtual classrooms.


Tip-Top Brain’s Guide To Choosing A Private Tutor

Fancy facilities and expensive one on one tutoring do not ensure the stability or support informed by proper tutors. Individuals that are educated may not have the patience to deal with a struggling student. Although an individual is kind, they may not have the focus or confidence to adequately teach. Balance is fundamental when hiring a tutor for your child.


No Bad Grades: A Practical Approach To Assessments

At Tip-Top Brain, we assess the needs of each student individually. Our initial approach involves finding the strengths of every child, as well as areas they need to improve in. By creating a thorough understanding of where a student is when they enter our center, we are more qualified to inform, guide and ultimately educate them in the areas they struggle with most. Find out more about our beneficial and unique assessment process in our newest blog post.


Preparation is Key | SHSAT

The Specialized High School Admissions Test is a comprehensive three hour exam that grants students access to an intense learning environment designed for the most advanced and motivated students. Specialized high schools offer a diverse range of academically rigorous content to prepare students for their future.


Stressing over Kindergarten?

Are you worried about your child’s literary acquisition? Children are learning an extraordinary amount of information in a small window of time. In particular, they are learning about the intricacies of a complex language system. Read on to learn more about how to support your emergent reader.

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