Students explore the computer science world through various academic areas in a step-by-step fashion, increasing their computational thinking abilities, creativity, and thinking fluidity.

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Coding/game design classes available twice weekly!

Date & Time



For students in grades 2-8

Why code with Tip-Top Brain:

Students apply learned skills in a fun & engaging way, through games and apps, and is something all students (grades 2-8) enjoy!

All students welcome! (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Beginners begin to learn how to code character direction and make their own stories/games (e.g. walk, jump, kick, turn, repeat loops, spatial reasoning)
Intermediates build on foundational skills and learn to code more complex character movements and actions (e.g. repeat loops, determine strength of actions, build/mod obstacle courses, etc.)
Advanced students work on advanced coding activities, including Python and JavaScript activities (e.g. projectiles, text-based coding, run their own programs, program sounds, add animations, etc.)

Get them started today!

Students don’t realize just how many skills they are learning because they’re too busy having fun!

Program Pricing

Pay As You Go

$ 25
per class
  • 1-hour of coding & game design at a time
  • Attend as many or as few coding sessions as you'd like
  • Great way to see if you're child enjoys coding!

4 Class Pass

$ 90
for 4 classes
  • 4-hours of coding & game design
  • Choose any 4 days you'd like to attend (subject to availability) with all 4 dates guaranteed!
  • For students who like coding

8 Class Pass

$ 175
for 8 classes
  • 4-hours of coding & game design
  • Attend all listed dates!
  • For students whol are passionate about coding

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