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Directions: Tip-Top Brain is located between Ditmars Blvd. and Steinway St. in Astoria, Queens, right next to the Q69 and Q101 bus stops. You can also take the Queens-bound N and Q train to the last stop (Astoria-Ditmars Blvd.) and take the Q69 bus to Steinway St., or Take the R train to Steinway St., and take the Q101 bus to Ditmars Blvd.


Have a question about our learning center and our programs? Maybe our FAQs list can help. Refer to the list below. Let us know if you have any other questions by clicking here.

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We are open during the summer, the days/hours vary. Please contact us at (718) 440 – 3541 for further information.
Each group session is one-hour long. Private sessions can vary based on student need.
The assessment is required in order for us to create their individualized learning plan that is unique to your child. Each child is at a different level in their academic career, and thus should not have to learn material they already know or be forced to learn material they are not yet ready for. The assessment pinpoints both their reading and math levels down to the sub-skill level. And this ensures success!
Our policy requires that parents give us a 30-day advanced notice when they would like to discontinue any tutoring services. Nope! All of our programs are no contract!
This varies on the classroom. Some classrooms hold more, some hold less. However, what’s most important is the teacher to student ratio. Our teacher to student ratio is 1:6, so no matter the classroom size, this ratio is always the same!
This depends of course on the needs of your child and parent budget. However, we do strongly recommend a minimum of 2 sessions (two-hours long) per week. We offer a one time per week option as well for parents who cannot make it more than once.
No. Tip-Top Brain is a NO HOMEWORK ZONE! We understand how much work our students already receive in school, and so we do not believe that adding to that load will do any good. We want our students coming and leaving with a positive mental attitude. They are here for help or to improve certain skills, not to go home with a book bag full of extra work. Your child’s mental health is something we take very seriously, inside and outside of the classroom.