FREE ELA Writing Boot Camp

March 26th 2016 from 4 PM to 6 PM

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Our free 1-2 hour ELA boot camp sessions give students the opportunity to practice their reading comprehension and writing skills.


At these boot camps our students learn to read the text for important details and write coherent short & extended responses, as is required by the Common Core standards.


Each boot camp session will offer a fun and positive learning environment for all students, allowing them to learn how to conquer all literature and informational passages as well as the writing assignments that come their way!

Our first ELA Boot Camp topic will be on writing the perfect short response for grades 3-5.

We will be focusing on the following strategies:

1. Reading the text for important information.

2. Finding the right quotes for their short response answers.

3. Putting together the perfect short response answer (introduction, claim, evidence, explanation, conclusion, etc.)

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Deadline: March 21st 2016

  • 3-5
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