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What is one assignment a student dreads more than anything else? Writing an essay! It’s long, boring and hard, shout students across the country. But why?

Writing an essay involves many steps coming together as one coherent paper.

Between brainstorming, coming up with a solid topic, writing it, checking spelling & grammar, citing sources, checking for paragraph flow, answering the question being asked, and everything else an essay requires of you, a student is exhausted from the first day it is assigned.

The thought of the writing process itself is draining. Add in a deadline and a hectic schedule, and you have a student’s head spinning! For many students, these feelings originate from the classroom.

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Our writing tutors check for much more than basic spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also check for, diction, syntax, logic, and idea flow, all of which is done by your “ready-by” date. When the time comes for pick-up, you sit with the tutor for a brief conference to discuss corrections, ideas, and any other finishing touches. Our tutors give positive feedback and encourage our students throughout their writing process.

Practice makes perfect

Writing is a skill that takes years to perfect. Nonetheless, even the best writers seek out editors for feedback and potential errors.


Grammar & Punctuation

Syntax erros

Idea flow

We cover essay writing from elementary school through high school (including college admission essays).

Personal Statements

Descriptive Essays

Persuasive Essays

Definition Essays

Book Reports

College Admissions Essays

Compare & Contrast

Research Papers

Creative Writing

Expository Essays

Writing for Standardized Tests

Argumentative Essays

Review/Critical Essays

So, whether it is a deadline you need to meet, ideas you need to put together in a logical way, or just a quick proofread, our “Essay Drop-Off” service is just what you need!

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