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Our Homework Help Booster program is offered to help students K-12 with their daily homework assignments. We understand that parents may not have the time or may not understand the material that their child may bring home, but it’s okay, that’s what we’re here for!

Our homework help program is available every day Monday through Saturday in the following subject areas:

Math - Tip-Top Brain Homework Help program
Reading and Writing (ELA) - Tip-Top Brain Homework Help program
Science - Tip-Top Brain Homework Help program
Social Studies - Tip-Top Brain Homework Help program

Each student is given the option to attend the center 1-6 times per week (Monday – Saturday) to devote 1 or 2 hours each day on math, reading & writing, social studies, and science in a private (1:1) or group (1:6) setting.

Why do Homework Help?

Besides not understanding the lesson taught in class or the assigned homework itself, students might need help/tutoring for other reasons. Some kids are out sick for a long time and miss a lot of work. Others get so busy that they don’t spend enough time on their homework.

Do you help with projects?

Yup! Projects are a go! We know how technical projects can be in any subject: social studies, science, art, or English. With so much to research, write, test, and incorporate into a single board it challenges even the best of us. With our Homework Help program, our talented instructors can help bring your project to life!

Can they study for any upcoming exams?

Of course! Students enrolled in this program also have the opportunity to study for any upcoming exams with our qualified instructors. We highly encourage students to bring all textbooks, notes, and study guides needed to prepare for their exams. However, for best results, we highly recommend scheduling a private tutoring session.

Taking home out of Homework

We understand that students are involved in many extracurricular activities that take up most of the day and leaves little time left for homework and test prep.

However, with our convenient homework help schedule, students and parents can better manage their time so that having to choose between whether to go to soccer practice or getting help with questions 1-7 for social studies homework, is easier.

Maximizing Motivation!

After every homework help session, students will find themselves understanding the concepts they learned as well as how to apply them in school.This way, we can minimize frustration and maximize motivation and independence!

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