SAT and ACT Prep Instructor

We are looking for a committed teacher/tutor to complement our qualified workforce of educators. It will be fundamental to provide knowledge and instruction to students in all subjects of the SAT and/or ACT by developing engaging and interactive lessons, while also helping them develop their test-taking skills.

The ideal candidate will be passionate for the job with an ability to reach out to students and create a relationship of mutual trust. They will know how to organize and manage a class and make learning an easy and meaningful process. The goal is to help cultivate the students’ interest and test-taking abilities and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development.

Key Responsibility

  • Actively listens and checks for understanding and adjusts communication content and style to meet the diverse and distinct needs of his/her students, by using a variety of activities and instructional methods to motivate and stimulate children’s abilities.
  • Instruct students in group and private settings in all subjects of the SAT and ACT.
  • Work closely with the Center Director and center staff to meet students’ academic goals.
  • Assess students performance and progress to ensure they are mastering the necessary skills on regular basis.
  • Develop SAT and ACT lessons content and update lessons.
  • Keep detailed records of each student’s sessions using our student progress records and/or relevant forms.
  • Attend Teacher Team Meetings when announced and provide academic and curriculum support to the center teaching team when necessary.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with parents and provide appropriate feedback with respect to student’s progress.
  • Builds immediate rapport with students and invites participation and makes students feel that their participations are valued.

Key Competencies/Success Factors

  • Communicates Effectively
  • Delivers information in a clear, compelling, and concise manner.
  • Actively listens and checks for understanding.
  • Adjusts communication content and style to meet the diverse and distinct needs of his/her students.
  • Provide student feedback in a manner that supports learning.
  • Communicates well with colleagues.
 Drives Engagement:
  • Builds immediate rapport with students.
  • Fosters a positive and motivating environment for students.
  • Invites participation and makes students feel that their contributions are valued.
  • Understands interpersonal and group dynamics and reacts in an effective manner.
 Passion for Results:
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple responsibilities successfully.
  • Sets challenging goals and has high standards.
  • Manages the learning environment with a student-centered focus.
  • Maintain current knowledge base and proactively seeks to stay up to date in subject area(s).


  • Bachelor’s Degree (in Mathematics, Science, English, Education, or related field) or higher is preferred; However, current college students pursuing their degree in education are highly encouraged to apply.
  • AP-level knowledge in English/Math is a plus, but not required.
  • Experience helping youth navigate college and scholarship applications is a plus.
  • ACT or SAT scores in 90th percentile or higher on diagnostic test in your content area or on composite score (ACT: 28+; SAT: 650+ content area or 1300+ composite).
  • 2+ years’ relevant experience (both Math and ELA/Verbal) teaching in a classroom setting
  • Ensure that classes meet all educational, performance, and organizational goals.
  • Highly skilled, motivated, versatile, dependable, and dynamic individuals with strong communication skills who are friendly, patient, and sensitive to the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Able to work independently, and multi-task is a must, and must have great classroom management skills.
  • Manages the learning environment with a student-centered focus, and sets challenging goals and high standards.
  • Maintain current knowledge base and proactively seeks to stay up to date in subject area(s).
  • In-person: Available weekdays afternoons and weekends is a must. This is not a 9-5 position.
  • Comfortable using Zoom and Google Meets for online.
Pay rate:
$40 - 60/hr
Job type:

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