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Learning Pods

Our K-2 pods meet weekly with their teacher for 1 hour at a time to develop reading & writing or math skills.
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Learning Pods

Also called “pandemic pods,” micro-schools or nano-schools — are small groups of students (typically 3 to 10 children) who learn together outside the classroom but still in person.

Our Learning Pods:
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Each pod has no more than 6 students, but often the pods are even more intimate with a student-teacher ratio around 4-1

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The pod your child joins corresponds to their grade level (e.g., kindergarteners are in the kindergarten pod.)

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The pod curriculum is designed to match and enhance grade-level learning standards.*

*For instance, the kindergarten pod is made up of kindergarteners exclusively, and solely covers NYS kindergarten learning standards and objectives.
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For students in K-2nd grade, socioemotional learning is imperative for their all-around development.

In recent years, it’s become apparent that our youngest students (i.e., K-2) benefit tremendously from receiving instruction in small groups.

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Pod Choices

Math, ELA, or Both

Parents have the choice of enrolling their child in a K-2 math pod, a K-2 reading & writing pod, or both.
Topics covered include:
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Topics covered include:
Topics covered include:
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Pod Instructors

Finding quality teachers and tutors is hard. Finding quality K-2 teachers and instructors is extra hard.

Because a great K-2 teacher needs to know more than just what to teach. A great K-2 teacher has ultra-high emotional intelligence and can connect with the youngest of students to form trust and respect.

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Our teacher-selection process is arduous to ensure students have instructors so passionate and effective, they’ll remember them for years to come.


We search high and low, find the perfect K-2 teachers, and then invest in honing their craft. The result? An absolute force of a teacher, who has as much heart as a brain.


Our instructors often are hired with impressive qualifications, whether they be pursuing degrees in childhood development or adolescent mental health, but either way, we train them up on: social emotional learning.

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For a small taste of what our instructors are like, you can view their bios here, or catch some of their Oscar-worthy Instagram & TikTok performances.

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