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Not just a Tutor

We screen candidates for traits like creativity, strong organizational skills and the ability to motivate others. This process ensures that the instructors working with children enrolled in our programs, will facilitate both intellectual and social development.

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Our Geniuses

Propelled by their genuine passion for education and learning, Tip-Top Brain tutors have plenty of useful proven experience as teachers and teacher's assistants.

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All of the above

We choose instructors with diverse and extensive experience with teaching and learning styles. Our tutors have experience with education that makes them efficient, creative and well rounded educators.

We highly encourage you to get to know our instructors whom may be working with your child.

Get to know our tutors below!

Ms. Amanda

Math, Reading, and Writing Instructor
In my path to become an educator, I have been inspired by all the different professionals I have met in the field. From teachers currently working in schools, to my professors, to the children I work with, each individual has given me motivation to pursue education. As a person who loves to focus on socioemotional health and well-being, I hope to bring a sense of joy for learning to each student who comes through the door!

Ms. Renée

Math, Reading, and Writing Instructor
At Tip-Top Brain my goals are always supported. Here we work collaboratively as a team! We work together to provide our students and parents with the support and encouragement they need. On my path to becoming an educator, I am proud to be a part of a learning center that focuses on social-emotional development, positive mental health, and an individualized approach to education!

Ms. Christie

STE(A)M Instructor
A quote that has always inspired me to continuously pursue science is by Alan Watts, stating, “You are the universe experiencing itself.” I believe every student has an inner scientist, and my goal here at Tip-Top Brain is to facilitate them in finding that person and enjoying the wonder the natural world has to offer us.

Ms. Ourania

Founder & Center Director
The feeling of achievement became routine, and nothing would stop me from doing otherwise. As I grew older, I had a self-realization of the importance of education in the world we live in and had this hunger to spread it to others. Graduating high school class salutatorian and receiving top honors in all subjects, I attained a full-scholarship to New York University (NYU).

Ms. Shannon

Math, Reading, and Writing Instructor
After college, I worked full time in marketing and Public Relations. I also coached swimming during the evenings. About one year later, I applied for a teaching fellowship and began teaching full time and attending graduate school for education full time. I received my Master’s in Childhood and Special Education from Touro College in 2014. After making this switch, I finally looked forward to going to work each morning.

Ms. Zouhoer

Math, Reading, and Writing Instructor
I believe my role in an individual’s learning experience is to assist in areas of need whilst helping them critically think beyond the scope. I want to challenge students through higher level questioning while encouraging the use of techniques that can be helpful for them to utilize inside and outside the classroom. At Tip-Top Brain, there are many diverse and wonderful opportunities present that allow for a child’s academic and personal growth.

Ms. Christina

Math, Reading, and Writing Instructor
When students are engaged in applying knowledge to their work and value it as part of their learning, it does more than deepen understanding; it also cultivates student motivation and allows them to take pride in their work. I hope to work closely with the students and parents that enroll at Tip-Top Brain to help engage and encourage academic goals for all learners.
More bios coming soon.