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My name is Jordan Matuszewski, and I’m a teacher here at Tip-Top Brain! I love math, but when I’m not doing math, I’m on the beach or hiking. Math truly inspires me because it’s everywhere, and something anybody can do. Some of the most important mathematicians of all time once considered themselves “bad” at math. I once thought I was “bad” at math but luckily, I had a few really good teachers who showed me how much more there is to math than just numbers, and that there is a place for everybody in mathematics. Ultimately, I want to empower students to see themselves in math like my teachers empowered me.

In High School, I loved science. I was in a class called “Science Research” where I got to design a science project and experiment over the course of the semester. In my Senior year, I had the opportunity to present my research and came in 3rd place at the Long Island Science and Education Fair, and a few weeks later 2nd place at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair. In High School, my friends and I started two of our own clubs: Envirothon and the Rube Goldberg Machine Competition. At Envirothon, we’d go on walks through parks, and learn about environmental science, especially on Long Island. Then, once a year, we participated in an “Amazing Race” style science competition, where our team had to analyze soil, and identify trees to earn points.

I’m currently attending the University of San Diego and working toward my Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. I’ll be graduating in January of 2021. After I graduate, I hope to work towards a Ph.D. in Mathematics, and eventually become a professor and researcher at the university level.  While at the University of San Diego, I did research on folding “thick” paper. My team and I studied the geometric, topological, and combinatorial characteristics of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D pieces of “thick” paper after undergoing folds. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to present my research at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Colorado in January of 2020.

Outside of Tip-Top Brain, I tutor mathematics, science, and, English among  other disciplines at the University of San Diego for Student Support Services. Additionally, I do research on folding in different dimensions and spaces, as well as research on sixteenth century texts by way of data analysis. Ultimately, these positions have made me a much better teacher because I’m accustomed to feeling confused. More importantly, I’ve learned to recognize the value in confusion, and how to get unconfused.

I knew teaching was my passion when I fell in love with school. I believe that kids are naturally curious, and crave learning. I’ve been fortunate to have some pretty incredible teachers who fostered this curiosity as well as my confidence. My drive as a teacher comes from my certainty that any student can learn anything, as a teacher,  my job is to figure out how.  One of my favorite things about working at Tip-Top Brain are my coworkers. I am always impressed with the level of detail and care my coworkers work into their lessons. Their sincerity, and drive to be the best educators they can is both heartwarming, and inspiring. Of course, the students I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Tip-Top Brain are equally awesome.  Aside from all they teach me in class, the students I’ve met always know best spots for takeout food in Queens.

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Currently attending . . .
University of San Diego, studying Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science.
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Grades 3 through 12

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