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Hi, my name is Andzelika Sroka and I am an ELA & Math instructor for students in grades 3-8 here at Tip-Top Brain. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family, scrapbooking some of my favorite memories, swimming, reading books, and traveling to new places and trying new foods. I am inspired by all the talented, hardworking, and incredible people that I come across, and constantly looking for ways to improve as an individual and seeking ways of growth in becoming the best possible version of myself. I was heavily influenced and inspired by my elementary school teachers, who played a fundamental role in my learning and have inspired me to pursue teaching. Their kindness, ambition, and selfless dedication in making sure I try my absolute best when it came to school has left a permanent imprint.

I am a Townsend Harris High School alumnus, where I graduated with an advanced regents diploma, and had the opportunity to take the following advanced placement courses: AP English, AP U.S History, and AP Psychology. Throughout my time at Townsend Harris, I was a part of the varsity swim team and also became a co-captain of the swim team during my senior year. Currently, I am an undergraduate college senior at Hunter College (CUNY), on track to graduate Winter 2020. I am a dual major in Childhood Education (QUEST program) and Psychology, and have successfully been on the Dean’s List every semester thus far. After graduating from Hunter College, I plan to continue my academic career by attending graduate school to obtain a degree in Elementary STEM education or in Childhood Special Education for students with learning disabilities.

I realized that teaching was my passion when I noticed that I was constantly being drawn to situations where I would engage with younger students in academic settings. Even throughout my high school years, I dedicated my Saturday mornings to helping students learn the Polish language, literature, and history. However, my passion was fully realized when I was immersed in my fieldwork placement, as I saw how rewarding of an experience it is to work with children and watch them learn. Throughout my studies in the QUEST program, I have been assigned to participate in fieldwork experience in NYC public school classrooms that have provided me with the opportunity to work with a variety of different students and knowledgeable teachers. Moreover, I was also formally and informally observed by my college professors on my ability to teach lessons in a given content area, which has given me key insight into my abilities as an educator and allowed me to learn how to improve my practices. I plan to hone and improve on certain teaching strategies and learn from these experiences in order to better accommodate my students. Throughout my time as a private tutor, I have learned to appreciate the value of one-on-one instruction and how fundamental it is to a student’s learning. By taking the time to individually work with a student that is struggling in a specific area, I have learned that patience and dedication to the student can make all the difference in that child’s learning.

Children’s creativity, intelligence, and constant determination have motivated me to make sure that I leave a positive impression on my students. There is always room for improvement so I am always open to feedback and suggestions from both students and parents in order to maintain a positive, friendly, and engaging environment for the student. I very much adore the positive environment that is created at Tip-Top Brain in order to ensure student success and growth. Since joining the Tip-Top Brain team I have learned a lot about myself and about my role as an educator and ways in which I can improve. Moreover, I admire the students at Tip-Top Brain and the diversity in the types of learners that I get to work with, all of which has been an incredible learning experience. I am constantly being challenged at Tip-Top Brain in learning new ways to approach problems and discover ways in which I can reach my students in order for them to unlock their fullest potential. Seeing the students understand a concept that was once new and challenging, leaves me feeling proud and it’s such an unexplainable rewarding feeling. I am determined to continue to help students tackle all problems that may cross their academic paths and learn more about myself as an educator in order to leave a positive mark on their lives here at Tip-Top Brain!

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