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Hi, my name is Christina Schaub and I am an ELA & Math instructor here at Tip-Top Brain. In my spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, hiking, traveling and spending time with friends and family. A quote that has always inspired me since I began my teaching career is by John Dewey, stating, “We learn by doing.” I believe that when students are engaged in applying knowledge to their work and value it as part of their learning, it does more than deepen understanding; it also cultivates student motivation and allows them to take pride in their work. I hope to work closely with the students and parents that enroll at Tip-Top Brain to help engage and encourage academic goals for all learners.

I attended high school in College Point, NY where I received my Advanced Regents Diploma in June 2012. I took AP English, AP History and was an honor roll student. My proudest accomplishment during high school was being a part of the National Honor Society and becoming vice president. My extracurricular activities in school were student government, habitat for humanity, chorus and cooking club.

I received my Bachelors in English in May 2016, as well as my Masters in Elementary and Special Education in June 2017 from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. Before becoming a teacher, I traveled to different states working in the local community boys and girls club. I also became a camp counselor where I had the opportunity to work with campers with special needs kids. Once I realized how much joy I received from working with so many different kids I knew I had to pursue in a career where I could work with kids every day.

I became a teacher’s assistant for a pre-k class my first year out of college for a UPK program. I am now a full time Kindergarten teacher for a private school. As a student teacher, I worked with some wonderful educators who helped guide me with my teaching techniques. I conducted formal and informal lessons for my professors to evaluate me on and from this experience I was able to practice and improve my skills to help future students. When helping students reach their learning goals, I normally take the time to focus on their strengths and weaknesses first. By taking the time to observe and evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses I have found that I can best help students by creating a plan that fits their individual needs. I am always thankful for the students I work with because when I teach, I also learn. What I love about Tip-Top Brain is the dedication that it provides and the ability to strengthen the skill set of both educators and students.

Ms. Christina

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Graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English and with her Masters of Science Degree in Elementary and Special Education and currently working as a Kindergarten teacher.
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