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Tip-Top Brain offers live, weekly, grade-level instruction in all subjects for students to engage in, get assistance with homework, or have subject-specific concepts clarified in a small-group or private setting.
With the transition to remote schooling, students have lost the personable touch of a teacher’s guidance, the social interaction with peers, and the consistency of a typical school day. Between the completion of endless worksheets and the self-learning of concepts, student learning, motivation, and retention has taken a turn for the worse as they have so many unanswered questions with no one to explain it to them.
Is your child's homeschooling experience becoming increasingly overwhelming?

Is your child's homeschooling experience becoming increasingly overwhelming?

Tip-Top Brain online tutoring is here to help your child, crisis or not

Tip-Top Brain is here to help your child, crisis or not

An online learning experience just as effective as in-person classes.

Our 100% Live online tutoring offer students an opportunity to see, hear, message, talk, and learn with their expert instructors and peers. Students can work and annotate simultaneously on writing assignments, documents, word problems, and passages by sharing the view of a page or website.

Choose your Program

Students in grades K-2 have a big responsibility: build a strong reading and number fluency foundation. Help them master these skills in private, 1:1, classes that are designed to be fun, engaging, and practice grade-appropriate standards.
Students in grades 3-8 have to meet a set of standards each year. Don’t let them fall behind, give them the boost they need to be prepared for the upcoming school year.
Students in grades 9-12 need to pass high-stakes exams in order to meet graduation requirements, and often have subject-specific questions that necessitate personalized instruction.

Private Classes

Grades K - 12

Subject to availability

Can meet on an as-needed basis or on a set weekly schedule.

A set weekly schedule (2-3x week) is highly recommended as repetition and consistency plays a key role in the mastery of content skills. Pay-as-you-go or discounted packages available.

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Group Classes

Grades 3 - 8 Only

Meets twice weekly per subject (on set schedule).

As an added bonus, students have access to free “drop-in” sessions during the week to have homework questions answered and concepts clarified. Paid monthly.

Leave the teaching to us and we’ll leave the parenting to you.

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zoom and wacom

Our highly-qualified and engaging expert instructors are waiting to assist your child in various subjects via Zoom.* All of our tutors are equipped with Wacom tablets or Apple pens in order to make teaching your child a seamless process.

*The security of our students and teachers are of utmost importance to us. As of this moment, Zoom has met the security standards of and has been deemed safe by the Department of Education.

Our top tutors love teaching online!

ms. christie profile picture

Ms. Christie

Math and Science

"A quote that has always inspired me to continuously pursue science is by Alan Watts, stating, “You are the universe experiencing itself.” I believe every student has an inner scientist, and my goal here at Tip-Top Brain is to facilitate them in finding that person and enjoying the wonder the natural world has to offer us."

ms nikita tip top brain

Ms. Nikita

Math, ELA, & Science

"I have adopted a Socratic method of teaching, in which I ask questions to learn what my student(s) think about the subject matter, and I use their answers to guide my own explanations. I have found that this works very well in the personalized setting that Tip-Top Brain offers."

ms andzelika tip top brain

Ms. Andzelika

Math and Science

"By taking the time to individually work with a student that is struggling in a specific area, I have learned that patience and dedication to the student can make all the difference in that child’s learning."

ms.ourania center director

Ms. Ourania

Math, ELA, & Science

The feeling of achievement became routine, and nothing would stop me from doing otherwise. As I grew older, I had a self-realization of the importance of education in the world we live in and had this hunger to spread it to others. Graduating high school class salutatorian and receiving top honors in all subjects, I attained a full-scholarship to New York University (NYU).

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