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Group Tutoring

Discounted rates when you sign up for group sessions

Why group tutoring?

Some families and children feel more comfortable in a small group setting than one-on-one, or are on a tight budget.

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Our small teacher to student ratio (1:6) ensures maximal attention and delivery of educational material.

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We are happy to offer discounted tutoring sessions to small groups of students that would like to focus on improving or enhancing their Math, Reading and Writing skills.

Our Method

We build knowledge upon what they already know—this helps students learn and start boosting confidence right away.

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  • Take the assessment so that…

    Each student takes a comprehensive, research-based diagnostic assessment, which has been statistically validated for reliability and is aligned with Common Core and State Standards. Based on the results, we create an individualized learning plan.

  • we can create the right curriculum for you…

    We create an individualized learning plan for teaching the concepts that are necessary for your child to master. We use a combination of proprietary materials and instruction techniques unique to Tip-Top Brain to help close any educational gaps that may exist and challenge them with more advanced coursework when they are ready.

  • and with our talented instructors…

    All prospective instructors are required to pass a rigorous screening (for a given subject) that tests subject thinking, familiarity with our approach, and their ability to explain intricate concepts in an applicable way to our students. With a safe, supportive, and positive classroom environment, our upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate instructors guide our students to mastery by implementing their learning plan in the most efficient manner, unique to each student.

  • you’ll find yourself moving forward!

    Assessments continue throughout your student’s time here with us in order to track progress and ensure mastery of material. Our top priority is to assure improvement and that our students retain the skills they’ve learned. We are confident that your child will receive a distinguishing education here at Tip-Top Brain and have no doubt that you too will be absolutely satisfied when you witness the transformative results!

Meet with a program coordinator to learn more

Select a day and time below that is most convenient or call us today at (718) 440-3541 to speak to a program coordinator.

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Our Math programs provide students with insight on how to strategically solve mathematical problems that they may find challenging when facing them alone.

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Furthermore, we understand that the Common Core demands that students solve mathematical problems using different methods such as the “box method,” “window method,” “array,” etc.

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This new way of learning poses a challenge to many students and parents alike. We understand the frustration, and thus are motivated to help students overcome their obstacles when coming across such problems.

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English Language Arts

Reading and Writing


We understand that the Common Core demands that students learn to analyze fictional and non-fictional passages in ways beyond their years. Our Reading program provides students with insight on how to strategically read passages and answer multiple-choice questions.

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Our writing program teaches students how to write coherent short- and extended-responses. Students learn to use an easily adaptable writing structure that can be used by writers of all levels.

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We understand the high demands that have been imposed upon our students, and thus are motivated to help them overcome their obstacles when coming across such passages and writing assignments.

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Enrichment or Remediation...


Counting and Cardinality
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Number and Operations
Measurement and Data

Ratios and Proportional Relationships
The Number System
Expressions and Equations
Statistics and Probability

Algebra I (Common Core)
Algebra II (Common Core)
Geometry (Common Core)
Integrated Algebra
Algebra II/Trigonometry


Informational Text
Foundational Skills
Text Types and Purposes
Production and Distribution of Writing

Informational Text
Foundational Skills
Text Types and Purposes
Production and Distribution of Writing

Informational Text
Text Types and Purposes
Production and Distribution of Writing
English Language Arts
Comprehensive English
High School English Language Arts (Common Core)

Homework Help

Now Enrolling

Our Homework Booster program is offered to help students K-12 with their daily homework assignments, and is available Monday through Saturday from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Drop -off your essay and let us know when you need it by!

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