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Fall STEAM Camp

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10 week program – 15hrs

October 3rd through December 19th; Every Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. No classes on 10/31 & 11/28

Arts & Crafts

Full STEAM Ahead!

Science, technology, and engineering, art, and math will be implemented into this curriculum with emphasis on real-world problem-solving.

STEAM break down
Small class sizes

Small class size

The class will be capped at 12 students in order to maximize the delivery of educational material.

Arts & Crafts

For Grades 6th – 8th

Teaching technological literacy, critical thinking and problem-solving through STEAM education gives students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Climate Change & Pollution


What have we done?

Of all the species that exist on this Earth, humans have left the biggest mark. Waste manufactured by humans has caused a mountain of trash to exist in the Pacific Ocean, all the way to ripping a hole in the O-Zone layer. Not to mention the elephant in the room – Climate Change.

marine biologist

The proof is on the planet…

Though Climate Change is currently a sensitive topic in politics, scientists almost unanimously agree there is an abundance of evidence for human-accelerated climate change.

water pollution

Is reversal possible?

In this camp, we will be exploring how Climate Change is caused, the magnitude of its impact on the Earth, and ways to decelerate or even reverse it.

Aligned with NGSS, we will focus on grade appropriate requirements.

ESS2: Earth’s Systems:

  • help students formulate an answer to the question: “How and why is Earth constantly changing?”

ESS3: Earth and Human Activity:

  • Help students formulate an answer to the question: “How do Earth’s surface processes and human activities affect each other?”

Meet your teacher

Profile picture of Christie, our Tip-Top Brain Instructor
Ms. Christie

I received my Bachelor of Science in Geology with Departmental Honors with a minor in Chemistry and Biology at Stony Brook University in May 2015. I also have my Master of Science in Geochemistry from the University of Minnesota (May 2018) and I am currently working on my Master of Arts in Science Education at Columbia University, which I plan to finish in May 2021. Before becoming a teacher, I worked as a scientist on a few different projects. For instance, during my undergraduate degree, I worked on analyzing Opportunity Rover data to find traces of ancient water on Mars, and while working on my graduate degree, I worked on understanding the chemical evolution of hydrothermal vent fluids in Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming. To read some of my publications, here is the link

A quote that has always inspired me to continuously pursue science is by Alan Watts, stating, “You are the universe experiencing itself.” I believe every student has an inner scientist, and my goal here at Tip-Top Brain is to facilitate them in finding that person and enjoying the wonder the natural world has to offer us. I hope to work closely with all the wonderful students and parents that enroll at Tip-Top Brain to help them achieve their academic goals in science and help them where they believe they can improve.

My first experience as a teacher started back in high school, when I tutored my struggling classmates in Chemistry. Building off that, I became an undergraduate TA (teaching assistant) in college working with students in the Geology department mainly for Mineralogy. In graduate school, I was a TA for an array of subjects, including Intro to Geology, Geology and Cinema, Oceanography, Mineralogy, and Environmental Science. It was during graduate school that I realized it was a more enriching experience to teach than do research, for me personally, and thus decided to switch career paths. I have always had an inner passion for science since I was a little girl, and I love sharing my passion with those around me and showing my students how fun science can be for all no matter your background!

I worked as a leave-replacement in a NYC public school as a middle- and high-school science teacher in the 2018-2019 academic year. I now have a full-time teaching position as a Chemistry and Research teacher at an all-girls private high school in Brooklyn. Every day in the classroom I’m not only a teacher, but a student as well. I always strive to improve myself to be a more effective teacher for a variety of learning styles, making each student feel like they’re reaching their full potential in my classroom. What I love about Tip-Top Brain is the flexibility to teach to each student’s skill set. Also, during STEAM camps we teach science here as a more hands-on and interactive learning experience, as if you were an actual scientist working in the field.

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