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Believe it or not, the October SHSAT is right around the corner, and the time to start prepping is now! As you may already know, getting into a specialized high school is extremely competitive, and so there is no time to waste.

Our SHSAT Crash Course

This course is fast-paced and designed for all 8th grade students who have demonstrated academic excellence during the school year and will be taking the SHSAT in October of 2018 in order to seek admission into a specialized high school.

*Students who have taken our 16-week prep course in the spring, as well as those who have not, are encouraged to join our crash course to refine, enhance, and further master the concepts and skills they’ve learned in time for test-day.

What should I expect on the 2018 exam?

The 2018 SHSAT consists of a timed multiple-choice test with two sections: English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. A total time of 3 hours is allotted.

2017 -2018 SHSAT Changes The SHSAT was changed in order to better align it to curriculum and instruction students experience in their classrooms on a daily basis. The verbal section was renamed the English Language Arts (ELA) section, and no longer includes “scrambled paragraphs” or logical reasoning questions. This section now includes questions that address revising/editing skills, in addition to continuing to have reading comprehension passages and questions. Furthermore, the math section now includes five “grid-in” questions in addition to the multiple choice questions. All multiple choice questions now have four answer choices, instead of five, and the time allotted for test-takers has increased from 150 minutes (2.5 hours) to 180 minutes (3 hours).


The ELA section includes questions that address revising/editing skills and informational reading comprehension passages. However, in the upcoming October 2018 SHSAT, there will also be literature and poetry reading comprehension passages for students to tackle.

Test Content:

9-11 revising/editing questions (standalone and in-context)

46-48 reading comprehension questions (3-4 informational texts, 1-2 literary prose texts, 1 poem)

All questions are multiple choice questions


Students demonstrate their math skills by answering computational and word questions that require arithmetic, algebra, probability, statistics, geometry, and trigonometry (grade 9 only).

Test Content:

5 “grid-in” questions, in which students must solve a computational question and provide the correct numerical answer, rather than selecting the answer from various multiple choice options

52 multiple choice word problems and computational questions

How do we prepare our students for success?

Our talented instructors, small class sizes, and test-taking strategies prepare all students seeking admission into specialized high schools.

Tip-Top Brain state test 3.5 months long

7 week program

This 7-week program will take place three times per week for a total of 54 instructional hours. Homework will be assigned.

Class Schedule
Tip-Top Brain highly qualified instructors

Highly Qualified Instructors

The program is taught by our highly qualified and experienced instructors who specialize in the SHSAT. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s instructor to discuss progress.

Tip-Top Brain small class size

Small class size

Classes will be capped at 16 students in order to maximize delivery of educational material.

Tip-Top Brain highly qualified instructors

Test-taking strategies

Instructors will teach students specific study techniques and strategies that will raise test scores and maximize study time.

Tip-Top Brain sate test mock exams

Full-length SHSAT practice exams

Full-length SHSAT assessments will be administered at the beginning, middle, and end of the program. Exams will be analyzed and reviewed thoroughly with students. Parents will receive an analysis report of their child’s test results.

Tip-Top Brain sate test mock exams

Post-test workshops

Students will have time to review practice test questions, quizzes, homework, and/or other areas of concern.

Dates and Program Overview

STARTS: September 8th

ENDS: October 18th

Tuesdays: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Thursdays: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturdays: 3:00pm – 6:00pm

SHSAT Exam Dates

OCTOBER 20th & 21st 2018

Students will attend the center three times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Each class will be 3 hours long. All materials are included.

Throughout the program, students will take full-length practice exams to further guide instruction and track progress.

Homework, quizzes, practice exam results, and class progress will be discussed with you upon request.

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Making the difference.

Our highly-qualified instructors design, not just assign, rigorous instructional material carefully aligned with the NEW SHSAT and instill an authentic understanding of the content tested on this specialized test. Through a mixture of high-quality instruction, reasonable homework assignments, weekly quizzes, and mock testing, our program is here to help your child feel ready on exam day.

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