Regents Test Prep Classes

2018 Algebra I & Living Environment

Who is this program for?

This program is for all 8th and 9th graders who are currently taking Algebra I and/or Living Environment and want to prepare for their NYS Regents exams in June.

Our course has been carefully designed to teach all the concepts and test-taking strategies necessary to feel confident on exam day.

Why should you start prepping now?

8th Graders

Passing the Algebra I and Living Environment Regents with a great score (85+) exempts most students from having to repeat these courses in high school. This allows students to enter an accelerated track (depending on their school) and immediately dive into more advanced courses such as geometry and chemistry in their freshman year!

9th Graders

Passing the Algebra I and Living Environment Regents (65+) in high school is necessary to graduate. However, passing with a great score (85+) gives you the chance to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, making you a much more competitive applicant when applying to college in a couple of years.

Do well now, and it will pay off later! We promise!

The most effective way to prepare!

Tip-Top Brain state test 3.5 months long

18-week per subject

This 4.5 month program will take place twice a week for a total of 54 instructional hours per subject.

Class Schedule
Tip-Top Brain small class size

Small class size

Classes will be capped at 10-14 students per subject in order to maximize delivery of educational material.

Tip-Top Brain sate test mock exams

Mock Exams

Full-length practice Regents exams will be administered which are designed to mimic test day conditions to best prepare students for the real tests. Exams will be analyzed and reviewed thoroughly with students. Parents will receive an analysis report of their child’s test results.

Tip-Top Brain highly qualified instructors

Highly Qualified Instructors

The program is taught by our highly qualified and experienced instructors who specialize in Biology and Mathematics. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s instructor to discuss progress.

Meet the instructor

Ms. Ourania

Ms. Ourania graduated as class Salutatorian in high school, receiving top honors in all subjects, and went on to New York University (NYU) with a full scholarship. There she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with minors in Chemistry and Child & Adolescent Mental Health. Currently, she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Neuroscience & Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Ms. Ourania works with students of all grade levels, subjects, and capabilities. She has been teaching the Biology, Chemistry, Algebra I & II, and Geometry regents since 2010 and is the lead science and math instructor at Tip-Top Brain. Ms. Ourania believes that building rapport with her students is a crucial first step in getting students motivated to learn, “When your student feels comfortable with you, they want to be here and they want to ask questions. We joke, we talk, and most importantly, we work together. This is when learning takes place.”

Dates and Program Overview

STARTS: February 8th

ENDS: June 9th

2018 Regents Exam Dates

Algebra I

June 12th

Living Environment

June 13th

Algebra I Living Environment Both

Students will attend the center twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Each class will be 1.5 hours long (per subject). However, if students are enrolled in both subjects, class sessions will be 3 hours long.

Throughout the program, students will take 3 full-length regents exams (per subject) to further guide instruction and track progress.

Mock exam results and class progress will be discussed with you upon request.

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