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Tip-Top Brain’s Summer STEAM Camp 2020 will focus on climate change and pollution.

Students will practice Math and ELA (reading and writing) skills on a daily basis, participate in academic workshops, and discover the Earth’s climate in crisis through the world of virtual reality.
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Saving Earth

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Why Tip-Top Brain?

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Math & ELA

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The most effective way to prepare for Back to School!

Starts: June 29th | Ends: July 31st
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5 weeks long

Our summer camp runs Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 4pm, with early drop-off and late pick-up options available for your convenience.

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Small Class Sizes

Classes will be capped at 14 students, maximizing the delivery of educational material.

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Science & Tech

In addition to enhancing their math, reading, and writing skills, students will explore the world as we know it, and everything (or nothing) that surrounds it using VR headsets!

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Lunch & Recess!

Each day, students will eat lunch and then head over to the park (weather-permitting) for some fun in the sun! Otherwise, students will participate in various indoor activities of their choice.

Climate Change & Pollution

The greatest collective challenge humanity faces today!
This summer, students will discover how climate change is caused, the magnitude of its impact on the Earth, and ways to decelerate or even reverse it. Furthermore, students will be exploring fossil fuels and clean energy, pollution, extreme weather patterns, ecosystems, Earth’s history, and of course – climate change! Though climate change is currently a sensitive topic in politics, scientists almost unanimously agree there is an abundance of evidence for human-accelerated climate change. This topic is paramount for the young generation to learn as this phenomenon will greatly affect their futures, and they may be our last hope to stop it.

The most effective way to prepare for Back to School!

Math, Reading, Writing and more!

Students entering grades 3-8 in September of 2020 will have the opportunity to close any educational gaps that may exist from the previous school year as well as begin coursework that lays ahead in the new academic year throughout our summer camp.

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Diagnostic Assessment

Each student takes a comprehensive, research-based diagnostic assessment, which has been statistically validated for reliability and is aligned with Common Core and State Standards. With this assessment, we are able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses down to the sub-skill level in both ELA and Math. Based on the results, we create their individualized learning plan.

We can let you know how your child is doing in each of the following ELA sub-skills:

1. Phonological Awareness/Phonics
2. High-Frequency Words/Vocabulary
3. Comprehension: Literature
4. Comprehension: Informational Text
We can let you know how your child is doing in each of the following Math sub-skills:

1. Number and Operations
2. Algebra and Algebraic
3. Thinking
4. Measurement and Data
5. Geometry
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Individualized Learning Plan

We create an individualized learning plan for teaching the concepts that are necessary for your child for the start of the new school year. This allows students who are in need of remediation, enhancement, or both to get to where they need to be and feel confident when going back to school in September! Summer is the perfect time to get ahead, not fall behind!

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Skill Shops

Students will participate in ELA & Math “skill-shops” throughout the week to refine, reinforce, and master important grade-appropriate reading & writing (e.g. theme, quote analysis, grammar, text evidence, etc.) and mathematical (e.g. operation mastery, fractions, geometry, etc.) concepts. These unique group workshops will allow students to delve into reading, writing, and math in fresh, fun, and exciting ways!

Cultivating Innovative Minds

Students at Tip-Top Brain don’t just learn science, they do science.
Tip-Top Brain’s holistic approach to teaching science fosters higher-order thinking by giving students the whole picture, rather than mere textbook definitions, expanding their horizons and teaching them to apply and analyze acquired information to take it to the next level.

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Weekly Schedule

12:00PM - 1:30PMLunch/Recess
1:30PM - 2:00pmScience & VRScience & VRScience & VRScience & VRScience & VR
2:00PM - 3:00pmScience & VRScience & VRScience & VRScience & VRMovies & Games
3:00pm - 4:00pmELA WorkshopsMath WorkshopsELA WorkshopsMath WorkshopsMovies & Games
Looking back . . .

Don’t miss out on the fun! Keep your child engaged this summer!

Next Generation Education

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality gives students the opportunity to connect with information in a novel and meaningful way, through an immersive 3D experience! Our students will be discovering the Earth in crisis through the world of virtual reality! Yup, you read that right! Students will have a chance to zoom out and zoom into various parts of the Earth and visualize the effects climate change and pollution are having on the place we call home, Earth!

Don’t let the Summer go to waste, get your child ahead NOW!

Did you know?

“Summers off are one of the most important, yet least acknowledged, causes of underachievement in our schools.”

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Why make it a Tip-Top Brain Summer?

We offer the perfect balance between academics and fun!

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The long vacation doesn’t simply hit the “pause” button on reading, math and writing skills. In fact, it’s like hitting the “rewind” button! A non-academic summer can cause students at every grade level to digress 2-3 months in their academic skills, putting students behind before they even start the new school year!

Don't slide, climb!

Summertime is ideal for students of all ages to strengthen their academic skills. Tip-Top Brain’s summer camp provides the perfect balance between reinforcing academic skills and having lots of summer fun!