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2023 Best Summer Program In Queens

Tip-Top Brain

Grade 3-8

Awaken the GENIUS in your child!

Our summer STEAM camp provides the highest quality instruction through engaging and thought-provoking classes designed to build essential skills and mindset.

Prevent summer brain drain!

Keep your child engaged and practicing essential skills throughout the summer


Interdisciplinary curricula

Reading, writing, math, and STEAM all together! Teaching these disciplines in tandem helps students make deeper and more impactful connections.


Highly qualified and engaging instructors

You can be assured that your child's instructors this summer are experts in their fields, with a genuine passion to pass their knowledge along in fun and creative ways.


Early drop-off and late pick-up available

For your convenience, early drop-off will be available as early as 7:00 am, and late pick-up will be available as late as 6:00 pm.


Full STEAM Immersion

We don't just teach STEAM, we DO STEAM! Students will learn about the given STEAM theme at large, then approach it from various perspectives.


Practice critical ELA and Math skills

Students will practice grade-level reading, writing, and math skills in order to prevent summer brain drain and combat the effects of the Covid-slide.


All CDC health safety measures in place

As of current guidelines, masks will be optional for all students and teachers. To that end, we want to assure you that we'll be encouraging our students to practice hand washing regularly, as well as continuing our thorough, regular Covid-cleaning protocol in the center.

July 5th - July 14th

Robotics & Cybernetics

This 1.5 week summer camp is a perfect opportunity for aspiring young roboticists to learn about the exciting world of robotics and cybernetics.


Course Details

Our course is designed to provide a fun and interactive introduction to the fascinating field of robotics, and equip our campers with a solid foundation in the art of building functional robots!

Campers will explore the many types of robots and cyborgs, and discover potential career paths in the field of robotics.

From there, campers will learn how to bring a robot to life by following a step-by-step process that covers the materials and circuitry involved.

Finally, campers will have the chance to apply their knowledge and skills by undertaking a fun, hands-on design project, building a prototype robot and presenting it to their fellow campers.


  • July 3rd NO CAMP
  • July 4th NO CAMP
  • July 5th Intro to Robotics
  • July 6th Cybernetics + AI
  • July 7th Careers in Robotics
  • July 10th Mechanics + Materials
  • July 11th Electricity
  • July 12th Sensing + Controlling
  • July 13th Project Design
  • July 14th Project Build/Present


3rd - 8th


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


12 - 14 campers

Enroll by June 1st


+ $59 Registration

July 17th - July 21st


This week we pull out our magnifying glasses and learn about the microscopic world!

Course Details

This week-long summer camp is a journey into the fascinating microscopic world of microbes!

Campers will begin by discovering the different types of microbes and the environments in which they thrive.

Next, they'll learn how these tiny organisms can spread disease and even cause global pandemics.

Additionally, we'll delve into how microbes can be beneficial in our daily lives, such as their use in cleaning water and even gene splicing. By the end of the camp, campers will have gained a solid understanding of the microscopic world and the many ways it impacts our lives.


  • July 17th Intro to Microbiology
  • July 18th Extreme Environments
  • July 19th Diseases
  • July 20th Biotechnology
  • July 21st Making Microbes Activity


3rd - 8th


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


12 - 14 campers

Enroll by June 1st


+ $59 Registration

July 24th - July 28th


In this week-long summer camp, campers will grab their rock picks and explore the world of paleontology!

dinosaur fossil

Course Details

Through hands-on activities and expert guidance, campers will develop a deeper appreciation for the study of paleontology and the secrets it reveals about our planet's past.

The camp begins with an introduction to the different types of fossils and what they reveal about Earth's history.

Campers will then hear from a practicing paleontologist, who will share their experiences in the field.

Finally, campers will become scientists themselves, conducting a mini archeological dig and discovering their own fossil specimens.


  • July 24th What are Fossils?
  • July 25th Major Extinctions
  • July 26th Dr. Evan Whiting (virtual visit)
  • July 27th Stratigraphy + Index Fossils
  • July 28th Fossil Digging Activity


3rd - 8th


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


12 - 14 campers

Enroll by June 1st


+ $59 Registration

Your child's STEAM Camp Instructor

Ms. Christie

Ms. Christie is a truly exceptional teacher with a wealth of scientific knowledge and experience, having worked for NASA in the past and even analyzed Opportunity Rover data to uncover evidence of ancient water on Mars! She is sure to inspire a passion for science and discovery in your child through her engaging and informative teaching.


What parents are saying!

faq kids with question marks

Frequently Asked Questions

In congruence with NYC schools, our summer campers will not be required to wear masks at camp. Of course, if parents or kiddos feel more comfortable attending camped masked, they’re welcome to!
Here at Tip-Top we’ve had a rigorous cleaning regimen for years. At the end of each camp day, all surfaces (e.g. tables, chairs, etc.) are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. No less, throughout the course of the day we disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and bathroom facilities. At midday, while campers are enjoying play time in the park, an abbreviated cleaning is performed in our classrooms.
In years past we’ve hosted summer camps virtually, as fun as these were, the families at Tip-Top Brain were itching to attend STEAM Summer Camp in-person again.

Our Summer Camp day starts at 9:00am, however, parents can reach out to arrange drop-offs closer to 8:00am or as early as 7:00am.

Between 9:00am and 12:00pm, campers receive instruction from our top-notch instructors in ELA and math through our state-of-the-art curriculum.

Once noon hits, our campers take a much-needed 30 minute break for lunch. Following lunch is 1 hour of outdoor play in our local park equipped with bocce courts and basketball courts, as well as your standard fun playground equipment (e.g. jungle gyms, swings.)

Following lunch, we dive into everybody’s favorite part of the day: our STEAM-themed activities. In years past, this has looked like designing and printing 3D robots, or creating origami DNA molecules. This constitutes the rest of our camp day, which concludes at 3:00pm.

No different than the start of the day, for parents needing to pick up their child(ren) later, we have accommodations available.

Campers participate in a myriad of fun activities throughout their camp day. May include, but not limited to:

  • Bocce, Basketball, Hopscotch
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing
  • Guest Speakers from Leaders in their Fields
  • Creative Interdisciplinary Themed-Projects
There are only two “groups” at camp so to speak, kids entering K-2nd grade and kids entering 3rd-8th grade. This is the primary distinction between our campers, matter of fact, these students go through their camp day on entirely different floors! Otherwise, these groups of no more than 12-14 students are attended to by at least two instructors at a time (a very low student-teacher ratio!.)
Our educators are the best and the brightest Queens has to offer, as candidates go through an extensive interviewing process to ensure they not only “know they’re stuff” so to speak but also to ensure they are personable and effective teachers. While working here at Tip-Top we continue to invest in our tutors so they can be the best instructors possible. For more on our instructors, check out their biographies here.
Safety is a top priority to us at tip top brain. Upon a visit you might notice the front door is locked. Ourania, the center director, will buzz you in once verifying your identity through cameras positioned in the front of our facility, where the only entrance is located.

The deadline to register for our 2023 Summer Camp is Friday, June 16th. However, we suggest you enroll your child ASAP, as seats fill quickly.

Yes! Parents can save $50 when they enroll two camps, and $100 when enrolling in all three camps.

Yes, we do have a payment plan available. For more details, contact Ourania, our center director via [email protected] or (718) 440-3541.

Yes! So long as you provide written permission for your child to walk home at the end of camp each day, they are more than welcome to! Quite a few parents of our teen and “tween” campers utilize this option.

For the most part, campers cannot use their phones during camp. We understand some campers may need to bring their phone to camp. In this case, their cellphone must stay stowed in their backpack for the duration of the day. Yes, that includes lunch and recess. There are a bunch of awesome benefits to putting down your cellphone for a bit, especially for kids.


As you can imagine, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones, and we do suggest keeping them at home.

Yes! However, no different than cell phones, we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged toys. Of course, we’ll likely ask your child to keep their toy(s) in their backpack for the majority of the camp day. Our students are welcome to bring these toys out during recess.

Book ANY TWO Camps SAVE $50!

Book ALL THREE Camps SAVE $100!

New Students

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Why make it a Tip-Top Brain Summer?

We offer the perfect balance between academics and fun!

Summer Learning Slide

The long vacation doesn’t simply hit the “pause” button on reading, math and writing skills. In fact, it’s like hitting the “rewind” button! A non-academic summer can cause students at every grade level to digress 2-3 months in their academic skills, putting students behind before they even start the new school year!

Don't slide, climb!

Summertime is ideal for students of all ages to strengthen their academic skills. Tip-Top Brain’s summer camp provides the perfect balance between reinforcing academic skills and having lots of summer fun!