Providing the highest quality instruction with engaging and thought-provoking classes designed to build essential skills and mindset, Tip-Top Brain is bringing summer camp back to life!
The Genius
in your child!

Prevent summer brain drain!

Keep your child engaged and practicing essential skills throughout the summer

July 5th – July 30th
Monday – Friday | 9AM – 3PM

Practice critical ELA and Math skills

Since students in K-2 are naturally curious about the world, we build on that curiosity through hands-on learning, all while continuing to enhance their reading, writing, & math skills.


Full STEAM Immersion

We don't just teach STEAM, we DO STEAM! Students will learn about the given STEAM theme at large and approach it from various perspectives.

arts and crafts

Putting ART into STEM

We believe that Art is just as important as the other academic disciplines, especially for young students. While experimenting with various materials, art helps improve fine motor skills and boosts self-confidence!

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Crucial skill development

Students will also have the chance to strengthen their fine motor and socioemotional skills as well as build strong student-teacher and student-peer relationships.


Highly qualified and engaging instructors

You can be assured that your child instructors this summer are experts in their fields with genuine passion to pass their knowledge along in fun and creative ways.


All CDC health safety measures in place

As of current guidelines, temperature screenings will be conducted daily upon arrival and masks will be required at all times. Students will be safely distanced between one another and high-touch points will be frequently sanitized.


Early drop-off and late pick-up available

For your convenience, early drop-off will be available as early as 7am and late pick-up will be available as late as 5pm.

FUN FACT: Do you know what type of fish live in the Abyss layer? The Twilight Layer? Did you know that the deepest point ever reached by man is 35,858 feet below the surface of the ocean? Wow is right! Did you know that there are 25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean?

And aWAVE we go into Oceanography!

Get your little ones started today!


Deep below the surface

Students will explore the different layers and the fascinating creatures that live beneath the ocean!


A Career in the Ocean

Students will also dive deep into the ocean to discover what it is like to be a marine biologist!


Saving the Ocean

Finally, students will learn ways in which we are harming ocean life and discover ways to protect its existence!

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$59 Registraion Fee

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