Recreation & Exploration

School matters, but time for recreation and exploration is crucial for kids too. Smart play can bring about all sorts of developmental benefits. Check out our best blogs on having fun while making those sweet brain-gains

Dad laughing and smiling with kids to create a loving environment for his kids.

2 Best Practices to Create a Loving Environment for Kids 

As a parent, creating a loving environment for our kids is more challenging than it has made out to be. Of course, we all do our absolute best, but even the most amazing parents have room for improvement. Here are two subtle, but hugely effective ways you can ensure your supporting a loving and nourishing environment at home:

Our Summer STEAM Camp Vs. NYC Summer Rising

A few weeks ago, the NYC DOE open enrollment for their city-wide Summer Rising program. Since then, we’ve gotten an endless flood of questions regarding NYC Summer Rising, but one in particular we’d like to take the time to answer: How do I choose between Tip-Top Brain and NYC Summer Rising?

Mother and father use interactive read aloud book to entertain kids

3 Tips for A Great Time with Read Aloud Books  

Read aloud books are the absolute best, it’s almost like sharing a movie with your kids, but it improves their reading skills too! Ready to get your own read-aloud started? Here’s some pro-tips on how to facilitate a read-aloud expertly:

Mom doing popcorn activity to encourage mindfulness for kids.n

Mindfulness for Kids: 3 Awesome Activities

Ever tried some mindfulness exercises? You likely have! So often, they’re recommended by health care professionals to reduce our stress while improving our sleep, focus, and lots of other good stuff! Well, mindfulness for kids brings the same slew of benefits it brings adults, so why not show them some exercises? We’ve put together three awesome activities to get the mindfulness-party started:

Samples of art for kids

Crafts Vs. Art for Kids: Is There A Big Difference?

Ever wonder what the difference between arts and crafts is? It’s bigger than you’d think! As it turns out, art nourishes students in ways crafts can’t. The differences between the two have important implications in childhood development. Check out why you should be choosing art over crafts whenever possible and some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

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