Personalized Tutoring

Individualized learning for students in grades K-8 seeking enhancement or remediation in Math and ELA.
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What does Personalized Tutoring Include?

Individualized Learning Plan

Each student receives their individualized material, specifically designed to target their own strengths and weaknesses. All of our materials are aligned to the current state standards.

Small Teacher-To-Student Ratio

Offered in private and group settings based on grade level. Our small class sizes maximize the delivery of educational material.

Highly Qualified Instructors

Talented. Engaging. Upbeat. Our instructors have it all, giving your child a one-of-a-kind learning experience.

Flexible Scheduling

Classes are offered 6 days of the week, allowing for convenient scheduling. For specific days & times, give us a call.

State Test Ready

The skills your child practices will be preparing them for their state exams in the spring. Plus, students in our program practice with previous exams in the months leading to the exam.

Growth Monitoring

We continuously monitor and assess student progress through growth tests and keep daily detailed teacher progress notes.

Who's this program for?

Our personalized tutoring is so robust that it enables us to support students in K–8 who are falling behind, as well as students who are already above and beyond . . .

Private setting for grades K-2

Because students in K-2 require a teacher’s undivided attention as they learn to build their foundational skills in reading, writing, and math, it is of utmost importance that they are placed in a private setting. We offer your child a quiet and comfortable environment, allowing them to progress at their own pace with maximal attention given by a qualified instructor, ensuring improvement in the subject area as well as overall confidence.
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Group setting for grades 3-8

Our group settings offer our students the best combination of instructors, small and vibrant classroom settings, an exciting reward system, and engaging and challenging materials in order to help parents and students see progress in real time. Moreover, parents on tighter budgets and schedules can reap the rewards of personalized tutoring, have access to more convenient class times, and get the greatest value.

How does it work?

step 1


We administer an adaptive diagnostic in order to evaluate your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, at the sub-skill level, so we know exactly where to begin.

two 2


We create a personalized learning plan that’s unique to your child, so we can target those strengths and weakness and achieve success.

step 3


Our expert instructors adapt to your child’s skill level and pace while guiding them through their personalized learning plan teaching the necessary skill sets to advance.

step four


We continuously monitor and assess student progress in order to measure academic milestones while simultaneously rewarding their achievements.

Ready To Help Your Child Improve Grades, Tests Scores And Confidence?

Which subjects does it cover?



Our Math personalized tutoring program provides students with insight on how to strategically solve mathematical problems that they may find challenging when facing them alone.


Furthermore, we understand that the Common Core and enVisions curricula demand that students solve mathematical problems using different methods such as the “box method,” “window method,” etc., as well as require students to express their thought process in writing.


This new way of learning poses a challenge to many students and parents alike. We understand the frustration, and thus are motivated to help students overcome their obstacles when coming across such problems.


Reading & Writing


We understand that the Common Core demands that students learn to analyze fictional and non-fictional passages in ways beyond their years. Our reading personalized tutoring program provides students with insight on how to strategically read passages and answer multiple-choice questions that test comprehension, analysis, and vocabulary.


An ability to compose a text-based analytical writing piece is a critical skill that is required beyond state exams. Our writing program teaches students how to write coherent short- and extended-responses, in which they learn to use an easily adaptable writing structure that can be used by writers of all levels.


We understand the high demands that have been imposed upon our students, and thus are motivated to help them overcome their obstacles when coming across such passages and writing assignments.

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