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Childhood Education News

The Bill Set to Shrink NYC Class Sizes

Those of us who grew up in NYC are no stranger to big classes. However, many of us thought by the time our kids went to school, this clear issue would be addressed. Though no silver-bullet, NYS law-makers have finally heard the voices of educators and parents dissatisfied with the current school regulations, and small classes are coming.

Dad laughing and smiling with kids to create a loving environment for his kids.

2 Best Practices to Create a Loving Environment for Kids 

As a parent, creating a loving environment for our kids is more challenging than it has made out to be. Of course, we all do our absolute best, but even the most amazing parents have room for improvement. Here are two subtle, but hugely effective ways you can ensure your supporting a loving and nourishing environment at home:

D30 Superintendent Candidates
Childhood Education News

Meet the D30 Superintendent Candidates

Dr. Philip Composto Suddenly Ousted Anyone and everyone with kids in D30, or even just a friend in D30, has heard about the dismissal of

Childhood Education News

NYC Class Sizes 101: The Great Debate

We’ve all heard small classes are better for student’s learning. But how small? And how much better? More importantly, where does your child’s class sit in the range of NYC class sizes. And how does the average NYC classroom compare?

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About Tip-Top Brain

A peek into the people and pedagogy that makes Tip-Top Brain a premier learning center. From our incredible students and staff, find out more about our center and mission.

Back to School

Going back to school, the annual balancing act of preparing your child emotionally and mentally, as well as academically comes but once per year. Back to school has taken on a new look in the age of COVID-19; so, what does “back to school” mean this year?

Elementary School

Elementary school-aged kids are amidst their most formative years, hitting developmental milestones like clockwork. Each new teacher, grade, and test, teach us more about our young learner, but what else might we learn?

High School

High School, the final frontier. High school is the big league, and with college around the corner, big questions can begin to pop up. What should students expect? What might they need to know?

Middle School

Middle school is a rite of passage underscored by physical transformations, social pressures, and new freedoms. Navigating middle school can be challenging, but there’s no shortage of advice at middle schooler’s disposal.


Tip-Top Brain offers a myriad of programs throughout the year. Whether you’ve got a young learner at home, or a soon-to-be-teen, Tip-Top Brain is a trusted source of carefully crafted tutoring, testing, and enrichment programs.

Special Education

School demands a lot of students and parents alike. Students with learning disabilities can face an especially steep climb on their educational journey. What should parents with children who require special education know?


STEAM serves as an abbreviation for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math,” and you may have seen it plastered in classrooms, websites, and brochures. STEAM is widely considered to be the “future,” and more and more easily, young learners can be a part of it.

Student Behavior

What are the must-knows of student behavior? Our child may not always be able to, nor want to, articulate what they’re thinking or feeling, but they’re probably telling us with their behavior.

Testing & Test Prep

Love it or hate it, testing is likely a pillar of your child’s education. The experience of testing can vary greatly between students and plays to each’s strengths and weaknesses. Test preparation can play a critical role in achieving the results students are aiming for.


Tutoring is an increasingly popular means of academic support through direct instruction. But, what is tutoring really? The answer is complicated, as tutoring comes in many shapes and sizes, and meets vastly different needs for different students.

Virtual Learning

“Virtual learning” is a phrase all too familiar to most of us now. Virtual learning is shrouded in horror stories and mythology, but what’s the truth? Can virtual learning be effective? And what role do students, parents, and teachers play in it?

Have any unanswered questions? Worried about the upcoming school year? Let us help!

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