Childhood Education News

In recent years, schools have changed so quickly it’s hard to keep up. For the latest on curriculum, testing, and general education news, we’ve put together a one-stop-shop for you.

The Bill Set to Shrink NYC Class Sizes

Those of us who grew up in NYC are no stranger to big classes. However, many of us thought by the time our kids went to school, this clear issue would be addressed. Though no silver-bullet, NYS law-makers have finally heard the voices of educators and parents dissatisfied with the current school regulations, and small classes are coming.

NYC Class Sizes 101: The Great Debate

We’ve all heard small classes are better for student’s learning. But how small? And how much better? More importantly, where does your child’s class sit in the range of NYC class sizes. And how does the average NYC classroom compare?

Our Summer STEAM Camp Vs. NYC Summer Rising

A few weeks ago, the NYC DOE open enrollment for their city-wide Summer Rising program. Since then, we’ve gotten an endless flood of questions regarding NYC Summer Rising, but one in particular we’d like to take the time to answer: How do I choose between Tip-Top Brain and NYC Summer Rising?

Students Are Behind Because of COVID, In 2 Terrible Ways

The pandemic hit teens and tweens especially hard. The return to school has proved just as difficult. All of the classic strife of teen years: pressures from school, family, and friends, have kids feeling overwhelmed. Why are our teens and tweens struggling to readjust? More importantly, how do we move forward?

The 4 Big Benefits of Field Trips for Kids

Do you remember a school field trip you took as a kid? Fun memories like those stand the test of time, but field trips make for more than great memories. Field trips have been shown to bring a host of developmental and academic benefits. So, when possible, you should opt for more field trips, and here’s why.

Passive Vs. Active Technology In Childhood Development

Our children love their tech devices. However, not all screens are created equal. While there are many unhealthy, brain-draining ways for kids to use their laptops and phones, there are just as many healthy, learning conducive ways to use them! Here’s our piece on how to healthily balance tech in your child’s routine.

“My Child is Behind in School,” What to Do & Where to Start

Each class your child attends are sort of like steps on a ladder. As parents and educators, we work with our kids to help them add new rungs to their ladder, and teach them to climb up and down. However, during the pandemic, many students’ ladders lost a few rungs leaving them damaged and wobbly. No less, climbing up and down a ladder with missing rungs is a recipe for disaster. What academic rungs are missing from your child’s ladder? Knowing the answer could be make or break.

On Left: Student does virtual learning On Right: Teacher facilitates in-person learning

In-Person or Online Math Tutoring: Which is Truly Better?

With the start of the new year, private math tutors are being booked-up at lightning speed by parents across NYC. But should your child’s private math tutor be meeting with them in-person or online? Before you make up your mind, check out the (surprising) pros and cons of each

Is YouTube For Kids?: The Pros and Cons of Kids on YouTube

Kids of all ages love YouTube. YouTube has become a stronghold in kids’ lives, whether it be for free school help, entertainment, or tutorial videos, but YouTube safety for kids is a complicated issue. The freedom for kids to video-surf on YouTube comes with stellar benefits, and likewise, some risk of harm. So, what kind of relationship would you like your child to have with the online video platform?

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