Discover the passion for learning with Ms. Ariana, a New York City native and Lead K-8 ELA/Math/Homework Help instructor. With a rich background in childhood education and hands-on experience in diverse classrooms, she is dedicated to inspiring young minds to explore, grow, and make a difference. Ms. Ariana combines academic excellence with a heartfelt commitment to nurturing curious, confident, and compassionate learners. Join her for an educational journey where every child is empowered to thrive.

Ms. Ariana

Lead Math and ELA Instructor

Meet Ms. Ariana, An Experienced Educator Dedicated to Inspiring Students!

Intervention experience in kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grade reading and phonics.

Grade Level Chair at current school, leading meetings and meeting needs of teachers, families, and students on my grade team.

NY State Test Prep instructor for 3rd grade math.

Champions innovative teaching methods that ignite curiosity and foster a passion for discovery.

Experience with IEP preparation, protocol, integration of specific needs in a classroom setting.

Experienced teaching Grades K-8

Works with students in our Homework Help Program

A STEAM guru, who makes math and science exhilarating

A creative spark who fosters innovation and imagination

Hi there :)

Hi there! My name is Ms. Ariana, and I’m a Lead K-8 ELA/Math/HW Help instructor at Tip-Top Brain. I was born and raised in New York City and am passionate about giving back and working for my own community. I am fueled by a lifelong passion for igniting a love of learning in young minds. My journey began in high school, where I discovered the joy of tutoring and witnessing the remarkable learning moments that transform understanding.

Since then, I’ve earned my B.A. in childhood education with a minor in English studies from Dominican University and my Master of Arts in teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education. I’ve also honed my skills as a lead teacher for first, second, and third graders, crafting engaging lessons and tailoring interventions to help struggling readers and mathematicians soar. My experience preparing IEPs and integrating specific needs within the classroom has further enriched my ability to support diverse learners.

Beyond academics, I believe in cultivating a safe and positive space where curiosity thrives. Witnessing children blossom into confident, inquisitive learners is my greatest reward. Whether we’re diving into a captivating story, tackling a math challenge, or mastering new homework skills, my goal is for children to grow a passion for education, exploration, and growth.  

My passion for education thrives in diverse environments, and for the past 6 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching at a vibrant charter school in Brooklyn, NY. The cultural richness and educational needs of this community have shaped my teaching approach through meeting families and students that come from all over the world and value education.  One of the most rewarding moments of my career was guiding a group of second graders at my Brooklyn charter school through a project exploring the litter issues in the community.  The students were passionate about advocating for this issue and creating a plan and resources to shed light on how we can make a change for good. Their passion and way they were fired up to make a change in their community was truly inspiring.  At the end, we were able to set up a schoolwide cleanup of our neighboring park and school grounds. This experience is something that sticks with me because the students were truly leading in the advocacy of change and were able to make a visible impact.  

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I believe in the transformative power of education, and I’m committed to using my knowledge and passion to equip children of Tip-Top Brain with the tools they need to not only succeed academically, but also become compassionate, curious, and engaged citizens of the world.

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