A dedicated K-8 ELA and Math instructor and aspiring NYS certified High School math teacher, is celebrated for her personalized approach to teaching, fostering unique learning journeys for each student.

Ms. Nadia

Lead ELA and Math Instructor

Meet Ms. Nadia, An Experienced Educator Dedicated to Inspiring Students!

Pursuing a major in Math with a minor in Secondary Mathematics Education

Enhanced teaching skills through roles as a Counselor and Teaching Assistant

Goal to Become a NYS Certified High School Teacher

Has a focus on Real-World application of skills

Started nurturing her teaching skills in seventh grade as a Helping Hands volunteer,

Experienced teaching 3 - 12 Grades

Personalized Group Tutoring Program

Homework Help Program

A creative spark who fosters innovation and imagination

Hi there :)

Hello! My name is Ms. Nadia and I am a lead K-8 ELA and Math Instructor here at Tip-Top Brain. I love to cook, crochet, and spend time with my family whenever I find myself with some free time. One of my favorite quotes is from Ray LeBlond where he says “You learn something new every day if you pay attention.” I am a person who is always looking for ways to learn and grow, and this quote reminds me to pay attention to the little things because there is always something to learn from them. I am motivated by the students I work with at Tip-Top Brain. Everyone has such interesting ideas and beliefs and it makes me excited for the ways they will influence the future. Through working with them in developing their ELA and Math skills, I can help build a foundation for them to rely on when it comes to applying these skills to their day-to-day lives. 

ms nadia working with students

I am currently a junior at Macaulay Honors College with my home campus being the City College of New York. I am a Math major with a minor in Secondary Mathematics Education. I plan on becoming a NYS certified teacher and my goal is to be a High School math teacher. During the summer before my sophomore year in college, I spent time working as a Counselor/Teaching Assistant with Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM). As a counselor, I spent a lot of time leading non-academic activities for students and helping them build a community with the people around them. As a teaching assistant, I worked alongside a lead teacher to support students to become confident mathematical thinkers and develop their problem-solving skills. Since then, I have worked as a math tutor, where I have learned to tailor my teaching to meet the needs of my students.  

I have known that teaching was a passion of mine since seventh grade when I worked as a Helping Hands volunteer within my school, helping elementary school students with their homework. Through this experience, I learned the joy of sharing knowledge with the people around me. Watching them have their “oh, I get this now” moments after learning something new was always exciting. It was awesome to see how students have a natural desire to learn and understand the world around them, and I want to be a part of that experience for them. 

ms nadia doing ELA with her student

I love working at Tip-Top Brain because of the students. Everyone comes into the classroom with a desire to learn and be challenged. I love helping them achieve their learning goals for the day and build their understanding of a topic. The most rewarding part of this experience is helping students develop a deeper understanding of the topics they are learning and supporting them through any challenges they face on that journey.

Thanks for checking out my bio!

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