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Middle School

Middle school is a rite of passage underscored by physical transformations, social pressures, and new freedoms. Navigating middle school can be challenging, but there’s no shortage of advice at middle schooler’s disposal.

NYC Public Schools: Closing Out the 2020-21 School Year

Take a breath, we’ve nearly made it! This past school year has been our hardest yet. We’re nearing 10 weeks to the end of the school year, but what will those weeks look like? Luckily, the NYC Department of Education has provided updates recently that may help us answer that question. Parents and students can expect to see the effect of changes in testing and school closure criteria in weeks to come.

Middle school students smiling in class.

Middle School Comes With Lots of Emotions, Here’s 4 Survival Tips

How can we prepare students for the behavioral changes they’ll experience on their middle school journey? Preteen behavior can, at times, be unpredictable and intense. The challenge of managing new, strong emotions is exceptionally hard on young people. The best things parents can do is instill emotional regulation skills in their preteen. So how might we start?

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