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No Bad Grades: A Practical Approach To Assessments

At Tip-Top Brain, we assess the needs of each student individually. Our initial approach involves finding the strengths of every child, as well as areas they need to improve in. By creating a thorough understanding of where a student is when they enter our center, we are more qualified to inform, guide and ultimately educate them in the areas they struggle with most. Find out more about our beneficial and unique assessment process in our newest blog post.

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It is alright to harshly assess things in the world; restaurants, clothing brands, cinema or music but such approaches have no place in the realm of education. What the best teachers and counselors have taught children and faculty is that learning changes from one child’ mind to the next. In that fluid way, teachers and tutors who are most successful choose to adapt their own methods and lessons to ensure that no student is left behind. This is the state of mind that powers Tip-Top Brain. Our team of educators meet each individual with an open mind, ensuring that performance is never seen as BAD, rather they are a point from which we will improve once a tutoring plan is employed.

One mean through which Tip-Top Brain maximizes tutoring sessions, is through proper understanding of a child’s academic strengths, struggles and needs. By thoroughly understanding where a student stands in regards to their comprehension of subjects like math, ela, social studies, sciences and history, they can begin to address the hurdles with precision and a great team of peers. One of our tools for focused testing is the Diagnostic Reading Lexile Assessment, an invasive method investigating a student’s performance in the categories; phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, vocabulary, and comprehension of both literature and informational texts. This type of research done by our team of educators helps facilitate a personalized and enriching tutoring plan for each student, as well as assign the proper reading materials.

Aside from ELA, we also take care in tracking the initial and developing progress a student has in the subject of Math. The Math Assessment will test out a student’s knowledge according to their specific grade level. The Math Assessment tests categories such as:

  • Numbers and operations,
  • Algebra and algebraic thinking,
  • Measurement & data, and 
  • Geometry.

The different areas of focus ensure that a student will not be thrown into lessons too advanced or too easy.

At Tip-Top Brain, we take our assessments carefully, wanting initially to track the progress of a student according to their grade level requirements. When it comes to the assessment and eventually designing their learning plan, what matters is categorizing their position academically as either above skill level or below. Those performing below grade level are worked with just as devoutly as students above level. We depend on the assessment at the beginning of tutoring to be accurate and fully representative of the original math, reading and writing skills performance. That said, taking this assessment requires your child’s utmost concentration, as each answer is sensitive to the process of analysis in determining your child’s overall performance.

Our priority is giving students a chance to properly tackle their difficulties in any subject, with a proper approach and tons of support. By utilizing our assessments, you would be taking part in arming your child properly as well. Ask us for more information on the assessment process and we are more than prepared to tell you more about the steps, benefits and process entirely. Thank you for considering Tip-Top Brain and our community.

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