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Now Enrolling Grades 3-8

Summer STEAM Camp

Providing the highest quality instruction with engaging and thought-provoking classes designed to build essential skills and mindset, Tip-Top Brain is bringing summer camp back to life!


Full STEAM Immersion

We don't just teach STEAM, we DO STEAM! Students will learn about the given STEAM theme at large and approach it from various perspectives.


Interdisciplinary curricula

Reading, writing, math, and STEAM altogether! Teaching these disciplines cohesively helps students make deeper and more impactful connections.


Highly qualified and engaging instructors

You can be assured that your child instructors this summer are experts in their fields with genuine passion to pass their knowledge along in fun and creative ways.

We cater to all grade levels

PreK – 12

Students in Elementary School

We know how fundamental learning is in elementary school, as it forms the foundation for all future coursework in their upcoming years. Our instructors are specially trained to work with students preK-5 and to deliver the material in a logical and efficient manner that maximizes comprehension.

Programs for all sorts of students

Students in Middle School

Numerous students begin middle school without a firm knowledge in their foundational elementary courses, causing them to quickly fall behind. We keep this in mind, allowing us to address all of their academic needs to get them where they need to be. We give them the confidence to move forward.

Programs for all sorts of students

Students in High School

Stressful busy schedules and an overwhelming load of coursework leaves high school students anything but free time. We understand this, and thus make our schedules convenient to theirs. We are here to boost their performance on all of their crucial exams required for graduation as well as for getting into the colleges of their choice. With trained concentration and focus from the right instruction, performance optimization is at your fingertips.

Programs for all sorts of students

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Entrusted by students from . . .

All our tutoring services

Tip-Top Brain offers several academic and enriching programs to accommodate the various needs of its students and their families:
Our Mission

We believe that every student has the natural ability to learn if given the opportunity to receive a quality education. With a safe, supportive, and positive classroom environment and upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate instructors to guide students throughout their educational journeys, we believe that all students can discover and unlock their fullest potential.


Personable, tailored instruction to meet individual needs


Help students discover their potentials and build confidence


Personable, tailored instruction to meet individual needs


Help students discover their potentials and build confidence


Spark a love for learning and inspire a growth mindset

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Provide students with the most dedicated and inspiring instructors

Put your kids ahead this school year

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Tailored to your child

Every lesson is tailored to strengthen your child's weak areas and help them master any subject.

High Quality Tutors

All our tutors are experienced, thoroughly vetted, and have a proven track record of producing excellent results.

Safe and trusted

Over 200 parents have used our services to improve their kids' results, get help with homework and pass exams.

I have my son at Tip Top Brain for a year now and I am so happy that we found them. They are the best team of tutors that I have ever used. They are flexible with our hours and sincerely care about their students. My son is doing awesome at school and his confidence is better than ever. I recommend them 100%.
I am so glad I found them!!! My grandson was in need of tutoring and this has been the best decision. They are very supportive and professional. Very knowledgeable and specialize in each child’s needs. They truly want children to excel and I couldn’t be happier with their services.
Tip-Top is amazing!! The educators and the owner are phenomenal!  The tutors really connect with the students and engage them to have fun while challenging their minds with questions and strategy for problem solving.  They are the best!!!
The Latest News

Tip-Top Brain’s Blog

kids watching youtube

Is YouTube For Kids?: The Pros and Cons of Kids on YouTube

Kids of all ages love YouTube. YouTube has become a stronghold in kids’ lives, whether it be for free school help, entertainment, or tutorial videos, but YouTube safety for kids is a complicated issue. The freedom for kids to video-surf on YouTube comes with stellar benefits, and likewise, some risk of harm. So, what kind of relationship would you like your child to have with the online video platform?

online tutoring struggling

3 Clear Signs Your Child Is Struggling With Online Learning

Kids nationwide have had a record-breaking number of set-backs this past school year, from a sudden and messy transition online to lonely and overwhelming virtual school days. Although students seem to have adjusted, many are struggling to just tread water while learning online. How could you recognize if your child is struggling? And what could you do to help ease the woes of online learning and make it more sustainable and comfortable?

tip top brain summer steam camp covid 19

COVID-19 & Learning Loss: 3 Critical Reasons to Choose Your Summer Camp Carefully

By hook or by crook, you and your child are finishing one of the most challenging and nightmarish school years in recent history, congrats! Before your child gets too excited to sleep-in and watch TikToks, it’s time to talk about summer camp! The educational opportunities lost due to COVID-19 this year are daunting, so how should you be weighing your summer plans? Here are three considerations you may want to take.

studnet in class covid 19

NYC Public Schools: Closing Out the 2020-21 School Year

Take a breath, we’ve nearly made it! This past school year has been our hardest yet. We’re nearing 10 weeks to the end of the school year, but what will those weeks look like? Luckily, the NYC Department of Education has provided updates recently that may help us answer that question. Parents and students can expect to see the effect of changes in testing and school closure criteria in weeks to come.

educational system sweden

Education Systems: What can we learn from schooling success abroad? (PART 2)

American schools are home to some of the most well-learned students, and qualified teachers in the world. However, countries like Finland, Denmark, and Sweden outrank the United States in education every year. What programs and practices does Finland, Denmark, and Sweden employ to reach the massive success they do? And which might be transferable here to American Schools?

Can An Old Dog Teach Your Child New Tricks?

Can An Old Dog Teach Your Child New Tricks?

Emotional intelligence is learned, not innate. As your child grows, they mature emotionally too, allowing them to have more fulfilling and meaningful relationships. Despite a language barrier, pets are remarkably good at helping children develop emotional intelligence. Check out 7 ways a pet can help your child develop emotionally.

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Why Group Tutoring?

Some families and children feel more comfortable in a small group setting than one-on-one, or are on a tight budget.

Our small teacher to student ratio (1:6) ensures maximal attention and delivery of educational material.

We are happy to offer discounted tutoring sessions to small groups of students that would like to focus on improving or enhancing their Math, Reading and Writing skills.

What is it?

Remediation programs are designed to close the gap between what a student knows and what they’re expected to know. In other words, content that students previously failed to learn must be re-taught in order to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy (ELA) and numeracy (Math). Ideally, remediation should be sought done early in the learning process, before additional skills are layered in or more formal mastery or summative exams are administered.

How is this done?

To gather enough insight to recognize the large breakdown in knowledge that students are experiencing, a comprehensive diagnostic assessment is needed. This allows teachers to support struggling students with focused learning opportunities, building on previous learning and focusing on the specific omissions in student thinking experienced the first time around, to achieve the necessary academic success.

Who is it for?

Our remediation programs are for students who are demonstrating significant difficulties in reading, writing, and/or math.


Personalized Tutoring in Group and Private Setting STEAM Camps

What is it?

Acceleration programs are designed to allow high-ability students to learn at the speed and level that best matches their academic abilities, which may sometimes mean skipping content, but the idea is that such students already understand their grade-level content enough and should not have to repeat it.

How is this done?

A comprehensive diagnostic assessment is needed to assess high-ability students and the extent of their potential. This allows teachers to support advanced students with focused learning opportunities, in order to challenge them with more advanced content that is both demanding and appropriate, as well as build higher-order thinking skills.

Who is it for?

Acceleration programs are best suited for students who are demonstrating continuous academic excellence in school. Such students may often find themselves bored with their current school curriculum or find it too easy, and thus are yearning for a challenge. These students also highly benefit from enrichment programs that highly appeal to their natural abilities. Nonetheless, it is important for parents to assess their child’s maturity level before seeking such acceleration.


Personalized Tutoring in Group and Private Setting STEAM Camps

What is it?

Enrichment programs are designed to go beyond the standards framework, in which the core curriculum in various subject areas are expanded and explored in more depth or from a different perspective than is generally provided. This means that rather than going faster, you actually slow down a little. These enrichment clubs/activities can take on many forms and can enhance academic, social, oratory, critical thinking, and teamwork skills and require teachers that push students to take their natural curiosity to the next level independently.

Who is it for?

Though all students can benefit from enrichment programs, as they offer richer and more varied educational experiences, they are best suited for more able or accelerated students, due to the demand on higher-order thinking and a strong foundation of core skills.