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Individualized learning for students in grades K-8 seeking enhancement or remediation in Math and ELA.

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We cater to all grade levels

PreK – 12

Students in Elementary School

We know how fundamental learning is in elementary school, as it forms the foundation for all future coursework in their upcoming years. Our instructors are specially trained to work with students preK-5 and to deliver the material in a logical and efficient manner that maximizes comprehension.

Students in Middle School

Numerous students begin middle school without a firm knowledge in their foundational elementary courses, causing them to quickly fall behind. We keep this in mind, allowing us to address all of their academic needs to get them where they need to be. We give them the confidence to move forward.

Students in High School

Stressful busy schedules and an overwhelming load of coursework leaves high school students anything but free time. We understand this, and thus make our schedules convenient to theirs. We are here to boost their performance on all of their crucial exams required for graduation as well as for getting into the colleges of their choice. With trained concentration and focus from the right instruction, performance optimization is at your fingertips.
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Tip-Top Brain offers several academic and enriching programs to accommodate the various needs of its students and their families:
Our Mission

We believe that every student has the natural ability to learn if given the opportunity to receive a quality education. With a safe, supportive, and positive classroom environment and upbeat, intelligent, and compassionate instructors to guide students throughout their educational journeys, we believe that all students can discover and unlock their fullest potential.


Personable, tailored instruction to meet individual needs


Help students discover their potentials and build confidence


Personable, tailored instruction to meet individual needs


Help students discover their potentials and build confidence


Spark a love for learning and inspire a growth mindset

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Provide students with the most dedicated and inspiring instructors

Put your kids ahead this school year

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Tailored to your child

Every lesson is tailored to strengthen your child's weak areas and help them master any subject.

High Quality Tutors

All our tutors are experienced, thoroughly vetted, and have a proven track record of producing excellent results.

Safe and trusted

Over 200 parents have used our services to improve their kids' results, get help with homework and pass exams.

I have my son at Tip Top Brain for a year now and I am so happy that we found them. They are the best team of tutors that I have ever used. They are flexible with our hours and sincerely care about their students. My son is doing awesome at school and his confidence is better than ever. I recommend them 100%.
I am so glad I found them!!! My grandson was in need of tutoring and this has been the best decision. They are very supportive and professional. Very knowledgeable and specialize in each child’s needs. They truly want children to excel and I couldn’t be happier with their services.
Tip-Top is amazing!! The educators and the owner are phenomenal!  The tutors really connect with the students and engage them to have fun while challenging their minds with questions and strategy for problem solving.  They are the best!!!
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Student enjoying her summer reading for high school come Fall.

The 3 Best Benefits of Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure has fallen to the wayside and has been replaced by screentime by parents and children alike. Consequently, many of us have forgotten the rich benefits reading for pleasure brings. It is time to inspire your child to read for pleasure again, here are our 3 best reasons to get to work.

Books for kids wrapped in decorative paper and bow.

How to Choose Books for Kids: 4 Best Practices

The holiday season is just around the corner and finding gifts for kids can be stressful. Did they already get this? Are they too young for that? The solution: gifting the right book. Before you head to your local bookstore or our Tip-Top Brain’s Holiday Book Fair, check out our guidance on choosing the perfect book for the child in your life.

Teacher and students move along to kids music.

4 Big Benefits of Music in Childhood Education

Music has long been a part of early childhood education: nursery rhymes, choirs, those recorders kids to play. Of course, these skills are valuable in and of themselves, but music brings all sorts of benefits to young kids.

Mother using intentional language to support children at home

5 Phrases We Can Use to Support Children: The Awesome Power of Intentional Language

We all go into autopilot sometimes, and forget to think before we speak. Our words matter, and they especially matter in front of our kids. Whether or not we realize it, our words have the power to open and close doors in young minds. So, we must use every opportunity we’re afforded to uplift and support our children aloud. Check out our 5 short but impactful phrases to communicate your care:

Samples of art for kids

Crafts Vs. Art for Kids: Is There A Big Difference?

Ever wonder what the difference between arts and crafts is? It’s bigger than you’d think! As it turns out, art nourishes students in ways crafts can’t. The differences between the two have important implications in childhood development. Check out why you should be choosing art over crafts whenever possible and some ideas to get your creativity flowing.